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Do Reusable Bags Really Help The Environment?

Using reusable bags over plastic or paper bags can save on money, resources and have a positive impact on the environment as well. Here you’ll learn the different facts about plastic and paper bags, the benefits of reusables and some tips to make the most out of your reusable bags. Facts About Plastic Bags Plastic…Read More

8 Ways to Use Laminated Bags at Conferences and Trade Shows

Conferences and trade shows are often the most exciting events of the year. They bring in tons of business, they provide awesome venues for marketing your products and services, and they’re a great opportunity for you to make meaningful connections in your business. If you want to get the most out of them, you need…Read More

How to Get the Most Out of Your Laminated Bags Visually

Everyone loves a good laminated bag. They’re sturdy, pretty, and perfect for stashing in your car or desk for a quick trip to the grocery store. That, however, is all from the customer’s point of view. What about from your point of view as the business owner? How do laminated bags make a splash in…Read More

10 Ways to Make Laminated Bags Integral to Your Marketing Plan

Marketing is a drag, let’s not lie. Talk to any business owner about what they like least when it comes to running a company, and most of them will say advertising and marketing. Getting the word out just isn’t that much fun, plain and simple. Yet it’s critical, and you know you need to focus…Read More

7 Best Promo Products for Trade Show Giveaways

Setting up a presence at trade shows and conventions is an awesome way to meet new people, bring in prospects and revel in the uniqueness of your industry. Whether you attend them once a year or once a month, you want to add your own individual spin to your booth, a goal with which the…Read More

List of 10 Human Causes of Global Warming for 2020

Without major societal changes over the next decade, the planet will face a global environmental catastrophe that will cause or worsen war, poverty, water shortages and massive species die-offs, or so says a dire report issued in fall 2018. While the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report was shocking and disturbing, all hope is not…Read More

Plastics Waste in Our Oceans [INFOGRAPHIC]

Around the world, we use over 320 million metric tons of plastic each year,  2.41 million metric tons of which ends up in oceans The Great Pacific Garbage Patch In 1997, Charles Moore first reported the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) By 2009, plastics could be found on seabeds throughout the oceans By 2013, microplastics…Read More

The Truth About Paper Bags

These days, when you hear the question, “Paper or plastic?” the answer is an almost instinctive “Paper!” We all know that plastic is terrible for the environment, and that plastic bags, in particular, are clogging up our oceans, choking our wildlife and generally wreaking havoc on the world. Because of this, and because the paper…Read More

How Recycling Makes a Worldly Impact

Recycling is one of the best ways for all of us to affect our world for the better. Recycling helps to enhance the natural environment and to preserve it for future generations. By making the proper steps towards reducing, reusing and recycling what we can, all of us can make a difference to make the…Read More

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Tips for Kids

Waste is anything that we get rid of, throw away or do not use. While some items inarguably cannot be used again, many are tossed before their time. Others are unnecessary – such as petroleum-based plastic bags, which choke the environment and kill wildlife, even though we now have access to much better alternatives. Today,…Read More

Reusable Bag Fundraisers! 14 Great Ideas!

Reusable bags are extremely versatile, which makes the possibilities for fundraising virtually endless. You can sell them outright, use them in concert with another fundraiser, or even create themed gift totes by filling them up with an assortment items. Try brainstorming to come up with a way to use reusable bags that matches your organization’s…Read More

35 Awesome How-To-Do Things with Reusable Custom Bags

Do you have so many custom reusable bags lying around that you don’t know what to do with them? There are plenty of uses for reusable bags besides taking them shopping with you! Here are 35 awesome uses for all of the extra bags you’ve been given over the years. Plant tomatoes in them. Yes, it’s…Read More

Helpful Guide to Recycling Waste at School

Schools often produce tremendous amounts of waste with instructional materials, used electronics, and food. One estimate is that 24% of school waste is recyclable paper and 50% is food waste and non-recyclable paper that can be composted. But teachers and students can work collaboratively to reduce the amount of waste produced. Getting students and teachers…Read More

25 Reasons to Use Reusable Grocery Bags (Updated)

Disposable shopping bags are everywhere. From department stores to gas stations, they are the way we tote our purchases. These lightweight containers were introduced in the 1970s as a means of making shopping easier for consumers. So what’s the big deal? The average American goes through six shopping bags per week. With a population of…Read More

15 Best Environmentally Friendly Fundraising Ideas

Many people like the idea of fundraising to find cash for a variety of good causes. For example, many parents and grandparents help their children to sell various goods and services to raise money for their school or activity. See also 7 Amazing, Green Fundraisers for Your School But what if it is unsustainable products…Read More

10 Simple Ways for Your Business to Go Green in 2020

Building a green, sustainable business is one of the prudence things you can do in 2020 and beyond. Not only will employees be more interested in working for you and remaining loyal to your company, but customers will be more inclined to purchase goods and services from you. Perhaps more importantly, you’ll be helping out…Read More

10 Ways Auto Dealerships Can Use Reusable Tote Bags

Many consumers know they can get great promotions and discounts at auto dealerships. But, while it’s critical to offer deals to benefit your customers, you also want to make sure you’re offering incentives attractive enough to make up for any lag in sales you experienced the prior year. As an auto dealer, you understand how…Read More

Spa Swag – Best Promotional Giveaways for Day Spas

People from every city visit a spa for a day to escape the world and focus on themselves for a while. Some do it to enjoy the benefits of rest and relaxation a spa day provides. Others do it for the pampering and poshness of the experience. At the end of the spa day, though, almost…Read More

How to Grow Your Retail with Eco-Friendly Reusable Bags

Retail business owners are constantly seeking new ways to grow their businesses. Promotional items offer varying degrees of effectiveness for this tall task, but one promotional item stands out above others for growing small retail businesses through better branding, name recognition, goodwill, and because it allows your customers to become walking advertisements on your behalf…Read More

15 Eco-Friendly Products We Should All Be Using

Why do single-use products cause such issues and what exactly are they? Single-use products are intended to be used once and then discarded. They’re typically made of plastic, which is a major issue these days. Some types of single-use products are: Straws Drinking bottles Coffee cups and lids Shopping bags Food packaging and containers Originally…Read More

5 Best Promotional Items for Mid-Sized Businesses

Mid-sized businesses, for the most part, seek to grow and become much larger businesses. It can be difficult to build your brand in marketplaces crowded with so many other businesses. One way to do this is by giving away promotional items. In fact, the promotional items you give your customers say a lot about you…Read More

A Look at the Non-Lethal Effects of Plastic on Seabirds

Environmental plastic debris pollution is a rapidly expanding and significant threat to biodiversity because of its durability, abundance and persistence. Present knowledge of the adverse effects of plastic on wildlife is greatly based on the readily observed consequences like starvation and entanglement. Many debris interactions, however, lead to poorly documented and less visible sublethal effects,…Read More

7 Ways to Stand Out at Trade Shows

As we begin another year, another season of trade shows rolls in for you to start handing out your recyclable trade show promotional bags. When exhibiting a trade show, it provides you with an exciting and fun time that presents you the opportunity to advertise and learn. It allows you to connect with potential consumers…Read More

5 Best Promotional Items for Dental Offices

Handing out dental promotional items is a proven method of delighting your patients.  Whether you hand out giveaways to say “thank you for your business” or as a way to entice new patients to come to visit your dental office, promotional dental items can be a powerful way of branding your dental office. Dental promotional…Read More

5 Best Promotional Items for Cosmetic Surgery Offices

It might seem like an endless battle when you’re on a quest for new patients. For some cosmetic surgery offices, because they don’t have a lot of competition, they may have more than enough patients to take care of than they can handle. For others, it seems like a continuous struggle to find and persuading…Read More

About Us

In This Section Who We Are Our History Our Guarantee Associations Corporate Who We Are is a premier supplier of custom woven polypropylene, non-woven polypropylene, cotton, jute, and many more eco-friendly bags and material types. Many of our bags are made from 100% recycled materials too! One important thing to remember though is that…Read More

Benefits of Your Grocery Store Going Green

Some grocers are not only looking to decrease their food waste in an effort of becoming more eco-friendly, but also limit their carbon footprint. Taking a stroll down the aisles of a grocery store will show you it’s not simple to determine any given food item’s environmental impact. The food industry is a huge player…Read More

Could Mealworms Help With the World’s Plastic Problems?

As plastic pollution’s damaging effects continue increasing, the need to take vigorous action against them is growing as well. And, while recycling is the traditional approach of fighting the plastic waste issue, it might not be good enough. Scientists are seeking ways of fighting the pollution issue, and are now discovering mealworms just may be…Read More

10 Ways to Use Promotional Items at Your Gym or Fitness Center

Gyms and fitness centers draw crowds of all ages and all walks of life. From those who are dedicated fitness buffs to those who have recently had health scares and are working hard to step up their fitness games for the sake of their collective health, gyms and fitness centers offer a multitude of benefits. …Read More

Plastic Recycling Symbols Explained

At this point, it might seem like just about everything these days is made of plastic. You’ll find plastic in toys, food utensils, packaging, clothing, even your automobile. While versatile and convenient, this material is also clogging up the waterways, littering the streets and suffocating marine life. In fact, a study showed each year 35%…Read More

Branding Tips: What Font Should You Use in Your Logo?

Branding your business is no easy task. One of the first places to begin your branding efforts is by selecting a logo for your business. Your logo is one of the first things people will begin to recognize in association with your business. It will appear on everything from storefront signs to brochures, and even…Read More

5 Best Promotional Items for Small Businesses

Small businesses face unique challenges when it comes to competing with titans of their industries and standing out from the crowd. As a small business, you might lack the big budget much larger businesses within your industry have to invest in advertising and promotions. That doesn’t mean you should skip them altogether in hopes that…Read More

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Products for Your Business

Going green is good for business in more ways than one. It’s true that some businesses embrace the environment as a method for selling more products. However, there are equally many businesses embracing the planet for reasons of their own. Chief among them are personal convictions that it’s the right thing to do. Even if you’re…Read More

5 Benefits to Promotional Giveaways

Businesses that offer promotional giveaways often benefit in more ways than meet the eye. There is value in promotional items that goes well beyond the initial gift. These are just five of the benefits your business might experience when giving away promotional items. 1. Inspires Loyalty by Rewarding Regular Customers With Gifts While many businesses…Read More

Using Promotional Items to Unite Your School

Promotional items are a great way to unite your school and allow students to display their devoted school spirit. With amazing technology available today, the odds are good that you’ll be able to find a wide range of promotional items for your students to purchase, to give away as prizes or rewards, and more. Promotional…Read More

Customized Reusable Tote Bags for Wedding Favors

The couple exchanging vows at the wedding get the best gifts of all. Each other. But then guests, traveling from near and far, in addition to the wedding party, bring gifts to the happy couple as well. What if you could give gifts to all your friends and family who have traveled to share in…Read More

Why Your Business Should Participate in Local Events

Local events matter for small businesses in colossal ways. The more often you attend and participate in these events, the better known you become to the people who live and work within your community. If you’re the only vendor or business in your industry that is represented in these smaller, local events, the people you…Read More

5 Best Promotional Items for Start-Up Businesses

As a start-up business, you need to take advantage of every possible advantage in order to get noticed by the people you want to become part of your business, invest in your company, or become your customers. Investing in the right promotional items for your start-up business can make a significant difference in who gets…Read More

10 Tips to Draw a Big Crowd at Your Trade Show Booth

It’s not always easy to set yourself apart from the crowd at trade shows. There’s a lot of competition for short attention spans. However, enticing bigger crowds to your booth is your ticket to trade show success. The more you understand the way your audience thinks, the better prepared you are to attract bigger, bolder,…Read More

10 Tips for Better Reusable Bag Art

Reusable bag art comes in all shapes and sizes and in a wide range of designs. The better the art associated with your reusable bags, the more it resonates with your audience and the more likely they are to make your bags their “go to” bags when out and about and when shopping. These 10…Read More

Plastics: What’s Recyclable and What’s Not

Recycling is where certain materials are collected and processed that you would otherwise toss in the trash. These recycled materials are then turned into new products. Recycling is beneficial for the economy, your community and the environment. EPA data shows recycling helps to conserve natural resources and energy. For example, did you know plastic bottles were the…Read More

Senate Passes Bill Banning Single-Use Plastic Bags: What’s Next?

On January 15, 2020, the Washington State Senate passed a bill banning single-use plastic bags and imposing an eight-cent fee on reusable plastic bags. KEPR reports that people receive TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, WIC (Women, Infants, and Children), the state FAP (Food Assistance Program), or who use SNAP (State Nutrition Assistance Program) will…Read More

10 Reasons Your Winery Should Use Reusable Wine Bags

Wineries, of all businesses, understand the devastating impact pollution can have on the water, the land, and all the things that grow on the land. The impact that plastic and even paper bags, which have traditionally been used by some wineries, have when it comes to harming the planet, is extensive. The great news is…Read More

10 Ways Churches Can Use Reusable Tote Bags

Reusable totes are outstanding tools for churches to use in a variety of ways. While this list is hardly inclusive of all the amazing opportunities reusable totes present to churches, these are among our favorite ten. If you put your mind to it, you can probably think of dozens of ways to use reusable tote…Read More

Benefits of Giving Custom Reusable Bags at Your Next Convention

You don’t have to walk far into any trade show or convention to understand that gifts are one of the main attractions at these events. With many vendors attempting to outdo the other when it comes to gifts and swag, it’s a wonder anyone is paying attention to the actual products and advances on display….Read More

Are Plastic Bags Better Than Reusable Bags?

When you visit the grocery store or take-out restaurant, is it better for the environment if you carry your groceries home in plastic, paper or reusable bags? It’s a more complicated answer than you think. Sure, plastic bags are convenient since many grocery stores include them with your purchase, but they wreak havoc on the…Read More

How to Use Laminated Bags in Your Retail Shop

While laminated bags can serve a wide variety of purposes, they are perhaps most popular in retail. After all, people need something in which to carry out all those lovely or delicious purchases, right? Given that, it’s important you have a bag for them to use. Of course, it’s nice to avoid standard disposable bags….Read More

Where are Plastic Bags Banned Around the World?​

A New Study on Plastic Bag Bans Plastic bags are indisputably bad for the environment. The average bag you pick up at the grocery store, or carry your takeout in, has a lifespan of about 12 minutes. When discarded, they clog sewage and storm drains, entangle and kill an estimated 100,000 marine mammals every year,…Read More

12 Coolest Bulk Custom Tote Bags for Every Business

Totes are awesome. No matter what you want to carry, they can … well, tote it. From books to clothing, beach gear to rainy Pacific Northwest picnics, delicate paper or jewelry to plain ol’ delicious food, totes are on your side. The question becomes not “Are totes right for my business marketing plan?” but “Which…Read More

Marine Life Habitat [INFOGRAPHIC]

Marine Habitat: The Beautiul World Underneath the Sea More people than ever before are environmentally conscious and want to preserve planet Earth’s health for ourselves and future generations. Protecting the planet leads to cleaner air, water, soil and ensures that our world is as healthy and clean as possible.Another big benefit of preserving the environment…Read More

A Kids Guide to Understanding Sustainability

Most of us live a comfortable life because we have almost everything we want. But that isn’t always going to be true. In future, we might not be able to have the same things because the raw materials and resources could run out. To make sure that future generations enjoy everything that we enjoy today,…Read More

Kids’ Infographic Guide To Recycling

It is important to teach our children about their environment and how to take care of it. It is never too early to start being conscious about our natural resources and the world we live in. Therefore we created this helpful infographic for children to inform them about recycling, and how they can help their…Read More

Your Foolproof Nonprofit Fundraising Plan with Ideas

Fundraising is a time-honored tradition, a wonderful way to bring attention to your own nonprofit or to benefit a charity you hold dear to your heart. After all, you don’t have to be a nonprofit yourself in order to support one you care about; even for-profit businesses can hold fundraisers to benefit schools, wildlife organizations,…Read More

Recycling Facts and Statistics Around the Country [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that, in this country, only around 35% of households, and not even 10% of businesses recycle? More than 2,500 landfills are presently open in the U.S., taking more of the beauty away from the country. And, while they’re usually camouflaged well enough, there’s still the negative consequences surrounding landfills you need to…Read More

Facts About Living in a Polluted World

The fact that we live in a polluted world is no secret or surprise. However, some people often still struggle to really come to grips with just how bad pollution is. We often see litter and trash in green spaces around us, but we equally continue to see many green spaces, so it is hard…Read More

How a Landfill Works + Facts and Statistics for Kids

The following infographic may be shared or cited as long as we are cited as the source: Americans generate approximately 4.6 pounds of trash each day per person, which is 251 million tons. What happens to this trash? Much of the waste we produce ends up in a landfill in our communities across the country….Read More

Cost Effective Ways of Going Green

As the world becomes more populated and environmental damage increases, there is more desire than ever to go gree. Not only can we save the environment for future generations; we also can save ourselves money right at home. The infographic below offers some great tips for how to go green and save yourself money. This…Read More

Global Warming Debate + Facts and Statistics

The debate on climate change originally started in 1858, around the time of the Industrial Revolution. Since then, people have been suggesting that global warming is caused by human behavior on the one hand, and natural processes on the other. But who is right? Some Facts About the Debate In the 20th century alone, the…Read More

Understanding Plastic Bag Bans & Usage Around the World

Every year, one trillion plastic bags – single use – are used, equating to 2 million per minute. Different countries have different usage levels, but the entire world has to commit to reducing this usage. A plastic bag is made from depletable resources, yet almost never breaks down. The average plastic grocery store bag or…Read More

The Impact of Plastic On the Earth [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you are reading this online, it is likely that plastic is at your fingertips – on your keyboard. Your monitor will also be framed by plastic, and your mouse will likely contain plastic as well. And that is literally only what is at your fingertips. The Truth About Plastic If you are reading this…Read More

8 Things to Look for in a Quality Wine or Beer Bottle Tote Bag

Designing the perfect branded reusable bag is a great move for your company, but how much does it really help you if you don’t buy quality in the first place? If you guessed “not much,” gold star! You’re awesome and you just won yourself … well, you didn’t really win anything, actually. But we’re impressed…Read More

Creative Recycling Projects from Common Household Items

United Nations figures show that the world produces 2.12 Billion TONS of waste every single year, and the figures are going up! Luckily, some creative recycling projects at home can help save the planet. If you’re interested in creative recycling projects you can do at home, then skip the intro and scroll straight down. Not…Read More

Office Recycling 101

The amount of waste we produce is growing day by day, and our offices play a large part in it! If you start recycling in the office, not only will you help save the planet, but you can also help your company save money. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get into office…Read More

Stocking the Perfect Trade Show Booth

Time to head out to a trade show or convention, and you’re feeling a little anxious. Maybe a really important potential client will be there, and you’re determined to impress. Possibly its an exclusive convention and you’re stoked to have received an invite – you don’t want to waste the opportunity! Or perhaps you’re just…Read More

7 Steps to Designing the Perfect Branded Reusable Bag

We all know recycling helps the world. That little triangle of arrows is a common sight in our everyday lives, from the grocery store to the curbside recycling bin. Increasingly, you can find products either made with post-consumer materials or – even better – products that replace disposable items, making recycling unnecessary in the first…Read More

10 Food and Beverage Purveyors Who Need Reusable Bags

We all know that recycling makes a worldly impact. Putting old plastic bags and bottles to use as recycled bags not only removes plastic from the waste stream and keeps it from sitting in landfills for up to 1,000 years, it actually makes for a pretty attractive carryall. Reusing is a big deal as well….Read More

Create a Flawless Inventory Plan for Your Reusable Bags

You already know reusable bags are an excellent method of boosting your business, flashing your logo to the world and doing something for the environment. The average bag, believe it or not, earns almost 6,000 impressions in its lifetime, a huge number considering what a simple item it is. That’s because unlike other promotional products…Read More

Reusable vs Plastic Grocery Bags: A Look at the Ongoing Ban

Like cigarettes, plastic shopping bags have gone in recent years from a nuisance that was tolerated to something that is despised by a lot of people. This has led some municipalities to institute bans and restrictions on plastic shopping bags. For example, in 2016, the New York City Council passed a .05 per bag fee…Read More

The Best Way to Distribute Your Reusable Bags

So you’ve decided to use reusable bags for marketing purposes, but the question is … how, exactly? Should you give them away to people, or try to sell them and make your money back? Would your clients and customers care more about them if they paid for them, or if they got them for free?…Read More

10 Best Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

It’s our responsibility as humans to steward the environment and keep the planet safe, not only for the sake of other people, but for the plants and animals who reside here as well. Most experts (and non-experts) now agree that we haven’t done such a bang-up job of that. Time to improve. In an effort…Read More

23 Best Recycling Tips at Home, School, & Work

Most of us want to help the environment today by recycling as much as we can. These days, it is easier than ever to recycle; the EPA reported in 2017 that Americans generated 267.8 million tons of trash and recycled/composted 94 million tons. On average, Americans recycled and composted 1.5 pounds of waste of a…Read More

Make the Perfect Gift Basket with a Reusable Bag

If you run a business, you know that you’re not alone in its success. Your business depends on a huge range of people, from clients and customers to business partners and employees. Each prospect you speak with, the vendor you work with or family member who supports you along the way is a tiny (or…Read More

Top 12 Ideas for Custom Reusable Bag Artwork

Branding is, like, totally a big deal these days. Kidding. All Valley Girl-inspired joking aside, branding has taken its place on an ever-higher pedestal. From the largest car manufacturers to the smallest artisanal vintner, success requires creating and maintaining a strongly branded presence across platforms, online and in person, in digital and physical collateral. One…Read More

Why Use Custom Reusable Grocery Totes and Bags

Plastic, disposable shopping bags are everywhere in America. The average person in this country uses six plastic shopping bags per week. With more than 300 million Americans, this adds up to nearly 2 billion bags being tossed away every day. If that is not enough reason for you to consider using reusable shopping bags, this…Read More

Learning How Plastic Bags Decompose

Plastic pollution is a major environmental concern that affects the entire earth, including most of countries and our vast oceans. It is estimated that 12 million barrels of fuel are used each year in the production of plastics bags to meet the annual demand in the US. When plastic bags are tossed away, they can…Read More

7 Best Environmental Fundraising Ideas for Schools & Colleges

The school fundraising business is big, with more than $1.4 billion going to schools across America annually, with 94% of schools relying on fundraising activities to fund school programs. See also 15 Incredible Green Fundraising Ideas But instead of selling the traditional fair – cookies, chocolates or popcorn – why not have environmentally friendly school…Read More

Eco Friendly Community Church Fundraising Ideas

Hello, and thanks for stopping by! Welcome to the green fundraising page dedicated to churches! Reusable bags have been a huge hit in the church community, so much so that we can honestly tell you that you make up a great percentage of the business we do, and for that, we are thankful and decided…Read More

Environmental Impact. Effects, Dangers of Plastic Bags

Disposable shopping bags are convenient, but they are a major source of waste and pollution in our society. In this guide, we will teach you about how plastic shopping bags damage the environment. We also will discuss alternatives to using plastic shopping bags. With this information, you will be able to make an impact in…Read More

Bring Reusable Bags for Healthy Grocery Store Shopping

Shopping and eating healthy is so important, yet it can be difficult to discern the healthy from the unhealthy when we’re roaming the grocery store, maybe juggling kids or crowds. But taking the time to make healthier decisions when we’re in the store can really make it much easier to commit to healthier eating habits…Read More

Kids Super Guide to Recycling

Recycling is important to preserve the environment and to leave the planet in a better condition than we found it. Did you know that the average American throws away four pounds of trash daily? That is more than 1.5 tons of waste per person per year. Multiply that by 6 billion people and you know…Read More

Reusing Plastic Bags for Fun Crafts

Plastic grocery bags can be a convenient way to tote items home from the store. However, these single-use bags frequently end up as flyaway litter, speckling trees and shrubs throughout the countryside. If these bags get mixed up in storm drains, they enter waterways. This can place them into rivers and even oceans eventually. In…Read More

Kids Collecting Recyclables For Charities

These days, more kids are getting involved with community service in one way or another. When kids get started with charity from an early age, it can help them grow up to be more engaged and informed as citizens. It also gives them confidence and optimism about their ability to effect positive change in the…Read More

What Is Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET)

Polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, is a type of plastic resin as well as a form of polyester. It can be fully recycled, in which case it becomes recycled polyethylene terephthalate, or rPET. Essentially, the material is a polymer, which is made by combining purified terephthalic acid and modified ethylene glycol, both monomers. PET was originally…Read More has been featured on: