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What Is Recycled Polyethylene Terephtalate?
Polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, is a type of plastic resin as well as a form of polyester. It can be fully recycled, in which case it becomes recycled polyethylene terephthalate, or rPET.
Learning How Plastic Bags Decompose
Plastic pollution is a huge problem with tons of plastic on the earth including in the oceans. Unlike many other things that we throw away that decompose quickly, plastics take much longer to break down.
Kids Collecting Recyclables For Charities
These days, more kids are getting involved with community service in one way or another. When kids get started with charity from an early age, it can help them grow up to be more engaged and informed as citizens.
Reusing Plastic Bags for Fun Crafts
Plastic grocery bags can be a convenient way to tote items home from the store. However, these single-use bags frequently end up as flyaway litter, speckling trees and shrubs throughout the countryside. If these bags get mixed up in storm drains, they enter waterways.
Guide to Recycling at School
Recycling and reducing personal waste is an effective way to control the amount of trash that accumulates in landfills. Recycling can occur at numerous levels, including home, work, and schools. When kids learn about recycling, it helps empower them to make a difference.
Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Tips for Kids
Waste is anything that we get rid of, throw away, or do not use and waste can affect the environment in many different ways. The environment includes everything around you such as plants, water, air, land, and much more.
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Paper, Plastic and More!
Recycling is one of the most effective ways for an individual to make an impact on the world. It helps improve the natural environment in which we all live. Making the right steps toward the reduction in consumption, reusing what we can, and recycling what we can't reuse will make a huge difference.
Kids Guide to Recycling
Recycling is important to preserve Earth's natural resources and our environment. By recycling, we can save trees, reduce the size of our landfills, and help to decrease the carbon footprint we leave behind.
Guide To Healthy Grocery Store Shopping
Shopping and eating healthy is so important, yet it can be difficult to discern the healthy from the unhealthy when we're roaming the grocery store, maybe juggling kids or crowds. But taking the time to make healthier decisions when we're in the store can really make it much easier to commit to healthier eating habits at home.
Plastic Shopping Bags & Environmental Impact
Disposable bags may seem convenient but have proven to be a huge source of pollution. According to research conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency, somewhere between five hundred billion and one trillion disposable bags are used each year around the world.
35 Awesome Things to Do with Custom Reusable Bags
Do you have so many custom reusable bags lying around that you don't know what to do with them? There are plenty of uses for reusable bags besides taking them shopping with you! Here are 35 awesome uses for all of the extra bags you've been given over the years.
14 Ways Reusable Bags Can Be Used for Fundraising
Reusable bags are extremely versatile, which makes the possibilities for fundraising virtually endless. You can sell them outright, use them in concert with another fundraiser, or even create themed gift totes by filling them up with an assortment items.
Kids Collecting Recyclables For Charities
Eco-friendly businesses often face a dilemma: They want to encourage shoppers to use reusable shopping bags to reduce their impact on the environment, but these bags can sometimes be expensive.
What Is Recycled Polyethylene Terephtalate?
Many companies use promotional items to market their company. This can be by giving away pens or writing tablets. A great promotional item to offer loyal customers as well as prospective customers is reusable bags. .
Why Wineries Owe it to Themselves to Switch to Reusable Wine Totes
Wineries and tasting rooms lend themselves to an air of sophistication. Even those which are casual, with humble surroundings give people a feeling of elite.