5 Best Promotional Products for Mid-Sized Businesses

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Mid-sized businesses, for the most part, seek to grow and become much larger businesses. It can be difficult to build your brand in marketplaces crowded with so many other businesses. One way to do this is by giving away promotional items. In fact, the promotional items you give your customers say a lot about you as a business and can help your business grow. 

According to the Promotional Products Association International 2019 Consumer Study, 80 percent of consumers have immediate reactions when receiving promotional items from businesses they aren’t familiar with and 72 percent believe that the quality of promotional items correlates with the reputation of the business.

With that in mind, these are some of the best promotional items for mid-sized businesses to offer in order to grow your reputation and your business profile while building your brand.

1. Golf Accessories

Within the United States, nearly 24 million play the game of golf with nearly nine million of those confessing to be avid golfers. The industry has far-reaching economic impacts on the American leisure landscape with people planning vacations around top-tier golf courses, investing heavily in equipment, accessories, tools, and more to improve their golf games, make themselves more comfortable while playing golf, or simply to ensure they look good on the greens.

Quality promotional golf accessories can put your business on the map and allow you to compete with much larger businesses within your industry. Placing your logo, front and center, on these items helps you build brand recognition, and makes sure that customers, or potential customers, will think of you every time they play a round of golf. 

Great items to consider include:

  • Golf balls
  • Golf tees
  • Divot tools
  • Golf towels
  • Golf umbrellas
  • Ball markers
  • Scorecard holders
  • Golf pencils
  • Golf shoe bags

Any one of these is an excellent choice for promotional giveaways. If you want to really make an impression, though, consider putting several together as part of a package for clients you’re working really hard to woo into doing business or VIP clients you want to thank for their support.

2. Reusable Bags and Totes

Among the most useful promotional items you can offer, reusable bags and totes are appealing to a wide range of customers. This means you can customize your promotional bags to your target audience. 

For instance, children love receiving brightly colored drawstring backpacks. They use them for everything from sports outings to trips to the zoo, and countless other adventures in between. This gives you a great opportunity to build brand recognition with other children and their parents.

Business and professional people may prefer something along the line of insulated bags and totes so they can bring their lunches to work and keep them cool all day. Busy moms on-the-go prefer reusable grocery bags that can serve a variety of purposes and planet lovers will appreciate all recycled shopping bags and totes that reduce reliance on plastic bags that cause so much harm to the planet. 

Then there are those with more refined taste who may have a preference for custom jute tote bags that are often a little more stylish or even reusable wine bags and totes, for the convenience they offer. The thing to remember is that reusable bags and totes are good for the planet and can be amazing for your business. You win on multiple fronts when you give these as promotional items. Plus, you’re building your brand with a much wider audience.

3. Travel Cups and Mugs

From stainless steel to acrylic and all points in between, travel mugs and cups make excellent promotional items for giveaways. More importantly, they carry them around as they go about their days. This gives your logoed cups and mugs exposure everywhere they go with their mugs in tow. 

Depending on your target demographic, you may have a wide audience for travel cups and mugs suitable for coffee — especially considering that 64 percent of Americans between the ages of 25 and 39 are daily coffee drinkers. If your market is age 60 or older, the percentage increases to 72 percent. That’s a huge market who are likely to be grateful for promotional travel cups and mugs. Travel cups and mugs can be used for drinking a variety of drinks with many of them being just as effective at keeping drinks cold as they are for keeping them warm.

4. Journals and Ledgers

People are constantly taking notes, jotting things down, or making lists. Gifting them with a beautiful journal, ledger, or notebook is a great way to keep them thinking about you as they make their lists, take their notes, and go about their days. It’s even better if you offer one that is easily refillable, meaning they can use it long beyond a one-time use journal or ledger.

If the journals and ledgers you offer as promotional items carry your logo and branding, people who see them using your journals, notebooks, etc. will also have your brand reinforced. It’s an excellent tool to promote your mid-sized business today, and in the future.

5. Portable Charging Stations

Want to help your customers make friends really fast? Offer promotional portable charging stations. These stations come equipped with charging cables for many different devices, making them belles and beaus of the ball at conventions, tradeshows, airports, hospitals, and practically any event where there are crowds involved. Many of these come with power banks too, which means they are even useful when there are no power supplies around. 

If you really want to make waves and have people lining up to receive your promotional items, consider solar-powered charging stations, power banks, or chargers. These are highly prized by those who do a lot of outdoor living, camping, hiking, hunting, or fishing. 

These promotional items are sure to please even your most discerning customers and will be a hit at local events, conventions, trade shows, and more. When you’re investing in tools to help you grow your mid-sized business even more, these are excellent options to consider. Try them today and see what a difference they can make for your mid-sized business.

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