Custom printed bags receive an average of 5,938 impressions each throughout their use (PPAI Study).

At, we offer a variety of bulk wholesale cotton canvas bags to suit a wide range of business promo needs. Whether you’re in search of our most popular cotton canvas bags such as the Wide 6 Oz. Biodegradable Cotton Canvas or the Cotton Roll Up w/Recyclable Material, you can find it and have it custom printed here. The following list showcases our most popular selling custom organic and non-organic cotton canvas tote bags. Have a look and request a price quote on your ideal bag.


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More About Custom Cotton Canvas Bags & Totes

About Custom Cotton Canvas Bags and Totes

Cotton canvas bags offer a pleasing aesthetic your clients are guaranteed to love. Even more, our Reuse This Bag cotton canvas bags and totes are ultra-durable, lightweight and comfortable to use. These totes hold dyes well, show logos vibrantly, and are easily washed. Your logo and the bag's natural color won't fade, even after countless washings.

Reusable organic cotton canvas bags are ideal promotional items, because they have countless uses. You'll find your clients taking them to work, the gym, the store and everywhere in between. These durable cotton bags are guaranteed to become your clients' go-to bags for everyday use.

Choose from the countless canvas bag options available at Reuse This Bag, and you'll be offering the highest-quality, longest-lasting and most affordable organic bags in the industry. These custom canvas bags are guaranteed to spread your company name, logo or message around town, around the country and around the globe.

Be Sure Your Business Is Seen

A major goal of advertising is to have your logo seen by as many people as possible for the lowest available price. Our custom cotton canvas bags are exactly the promotional item you need to ensure your logo is seen by countless people per day, at all hours and in all locations. Reusable cotton canvas bags are an extremely affordable and long-lasting alternative to billboards, commercials, and other costly advertisements. You simply pay for a bag once, and it continues advertising for your company throughout its lifespan.

Sell or gift your organic reusable canvas bags to clients and customers, and you're guaranteed to see your bags at the supermarket, at the gym, at parties and all throughout town. Your custom reusable canvas bags will ensure your logo is seen wherever the bag travels.

Types of Reusable Cotton Canvas Bags 

Here, you'll find a wide variety of Reuse This Bag reusable cotton canvas bags. We offer cotton canvas totes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and designs. From our basic yet affordable Biodegradable Standard Cotton Tote to the elegant Original Custom Boat Canvas Bag and Barcelona Natural Canvas Tote Bag, you'll find exactly the bag you're seeking for your brand here.

The following are a few of our most popular reusable cotton canvas totes:

  • Reusable Cotton Roll Up with Recyclable Material: This affordable cotton canvas bag features a snap closure and can easily be rolled up to fit in any small space. Choose from imprinting with screen printing, four-color process, foil stamp or hot stamp to ensure your brand or logo is vibrantly displayed. The natural canvas color is pleasing to the eye and truly makes your logo pop.
  • Cotton Canvas Reusable Grocery: Many times, a bigger bag gets carried more places. This Cotton Canvas Reusable Grocery is large enough to carry a variety of groceries or be used as a beach bag, boat bag and more. The already low pricing includes one color printing on one side, but both sides can be printed if desired.
  • 100% Raw All Purpose Reusable Cotton Tote: Prove that your brand cares about the environment with this 100-percent raw cotton canvas bag. It's 100-percent reusable and recyclable. The shoulder-length handles are comfortable, and a large main compartment makes this an ideal bag for a variety of uses. There's simply no better choice when you're seeking an eco-friendly bag.
  • Biodegradable Standard Cotton Tote: One of our most affordable cotton canvas totes -- this Biodegradable Standard Cotton Tote features a large imprint area and can be printed with up to four colors. That means your logo can truly pop against the natural canvas background.
  • The Original Custom Boat Canvas Bag: A large canvas tote can serve countless purposes, and the Original Custom Boat Canvas Bag is one your clients will want to take everywhere. This classy sail canvas bag can be embroidered or screen-printed to advertise your brand in the mos stylish way possible.

Environmentally-Friendly Advertising

Show that your business cares about the environment by offering reusable organic cotton canvas bags. Reusable bags are an eco-friendly alternative to giving away countless single-use plastic bags per day. Your clients will appreciate your brand isn't adding to the multitude of plastic bags sitting in our landfills and oceans for decades, or many times, hundreds or thousands of years. These cotton canvas bags can be used time and time again, and they can be the factor that causes a client to choose your brand over the competition.

The Highest-Quality and Most Affordable Printing

At Reuse This Bag, we pride ourselves on offering the most innovative and affordable printing and manufacturing processes. This means you enjoy the highest-quality products for prices that simply can't be beat.

Our custom organic reusable cotton canvas bags always display your logo in a way that's both eye-catching and classy. Whether you choose single-color printing, multi-color printing or embroidery, we'll ensure your canvas tote advertises your brand exactly as you want it to be seen.

At Reuse This Bag, we won't make decisions for you, unless you want us to. We allow you to choose your logo design, print colors, size and more, so you end up with a final product that's exactly what you're seeking. Once you've made your choices, we'll use our state-of-the-art printing and manufacturing processes to ensure your brand is precisely and clearly shown on your bags. We create bags you're proud to sell, gift and carry.

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