Custom printed bags receive an average of 5,938 impressions each throughout their use (PPAI Study).

At, we offer a variety of bulk wholesale tradeshow bags and totes to suit a wide range of business conference needs. Whether you’re in search of our most affordable custom bag such as the Trade Show/Retail Bag made with a durable 100GSM non woven material, or ones made of polyester, nylon or cotton canvas, you can find it and have it custom printed here. The following list showcases our most popular selling tradeshow bags. Have a look and request a price quote on your ideal bag today.


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More About Custom Wholesale Trade Show Bags & Totes

About Custom Trade Show Bags

You’re doubtless among the millions of people who have had the experience of rolling up to a grocery store, opening the trunk and pulling out custom reusable bags. Chances are, all you’re thinking about when you do this is the price of milk, or the ingredients you need for that new curry recipe you want to try. You probably haven’t thought about how many people are seeing those tradeshow style reusable tote bags … and forming associations with the logos and brands they tout.

Yet that’s exactly what tradeshow and convention tote bags do for your business: generate interest.

Did you know that the average custom-branded tradeshow bag gets almost 6,000 impressions in its lifetime, which translates to an average of nearly 1,000 impressions per month?

No one needs to tell you this translates to a pretty darn good option when it comes to advertising – assuming the product is quality, of course.

Luckily, when you work with us, we guarantee it is. We offer a large selection of high quality, custom-printed tradeshow, convention and conference bags and totes that are sure to please your clients, customers and prospects for years to come.

Promote Your Business Long After a Conference

Tradeshows and conventions serve a dual purpose. During their run, you want to give prospects and partners an experience they won’t forget, but that’s not quite enough. To make the most of your time there, you also want them to leave the conference with you at the forefront of their minds. So how do you send them off with the perfect souvenir that will continue to promote your business long after a convention, conference or trade show has ended?

Our custom reusable tradeshow bags are the answer. Now you can offer attendees something useful and attractive, convenient for them, while subtly promoting your business or cause for months – or even years – to come. Not only will they use it at the tradeshow or convention itself, but they’ll also then stash it in the car, give custom wholesale tradeshow bags as part of a gift or keep them at the office for later use. And as far as you’re concerned, for later impressions!

Tradeshow & Convention Bag Types

Depending on your industry, you might prefer cooler insulated bags, reusable wine bags or backpacks, the better to stock your customers with industry-specific items. Our wholesale tradeshow tote bags also come in a huge variety of materials to ensure that no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it.

Among our most popular choices are:

  • Custom Laminated Bags: Laminated bags add that perfect, shiny but not overstated glam to any tradeshow tote. Whether you choose glossy or matte, the result is a product of which you can be proud. The lamination process reduces rips and tears, protects the fabric and strengthens the overall product to ensure its long-lasting usefulness.
  • Reusable Grocery Bags: Everyone needs a custom reusable style tradeshow tote bag when they’re heading to the grocery store. No longer will your clients and customers have to take plastic convention bags or try to reuse paper that rips and tears when it gets wet. Your branded, colorful grocery totes will now do the job for them, all while earning impressions.
  • Drawstring Bags: Our drawstring bags offer lots of options. Whether you like a backpack design or want to offer customers a cooler backpack (hello, picnics!), you’ll find it here. Made with a variety of materials, the defining trait of our drawstring convention bags is their go-anywhere easiness.
  • Custom Cotton Tote: Cotton and canvas wholesale convention bags do their job with aplomb. They stand the test of time and always look classy, lending your brand an element of flair.
  • Custom Nylon Bags: Our nylon custom conference bags are thin, light and durable. They withstand heat, cold and moisture easily, and fold up teeny for easy transport. Your favorite people will use these bags for years to come.
  • Custom Vinyl Bags: Showcase the goods right through luxe plastic with our clear vinyl options. Go for the backpack, with a front pocket and larger pocket, or a boat tote with a zip-top closure – available in 19-inch and 16-inch options.
  • Custom Non-Woven BagsUnlike woven fabrics, non-woven and ripstop tradeshow bags don’t keep tearing once they get a hole in them. Their special manufacturing process keeps them from further tearing once they get a small puncture of tear, maximizing use and minimizing waste.
  • Custom Insulated Bags: Keep food, wine, and drinks cool when you use our insulated tradeshow tote bags. Or rather, give your perfect people the option to do so during their leisure time.

Beautiful Logo Printing for Maximum Impressions

Of course, if you want to generate those impressions faithfully, you need to use a beautiful printing process. No one wants to look at an ugly logo, and even if that does contribute somewhat to brand recognition, it won’t leave prospects with the best impression of you (no pun intended).

To truly bolster your business and brand, you need a beautiful product through and through. That starts with one of the above materials sewn in our beautiful conference bag patterns. Then you select your logo, colors, size and more, maximizing the beauty and effectiveness of your branding. After you’ve submitted your order, we use our top-of-the-line printing process to stamp your logo on each bag with clarity and precision. The result? Lovely wholesale tradeshow bags that advertise your company the way you want to advertise it – at the tradeshow, conference or convention and beyond.

An Environmental Contribution

Everyone wants to be green these days and no wonder. It’s critical we all do our part to support an environment in trouble, and reusable grocery bags are one of the best ways to do that. Millions of plastic bags get thrown into landfill every year, choking the ecosystem, harming wildlife and leaching toxins into our water. You can help put a stop to that with attractive reusable bags that reduce space in landfills and reduce our consumption of natural resources.

As an added benefit, you brand yourself as a company that cares about the Earth, which is guaranteed to endear you to clients, customers, potential business partners, prospects and peers alike. There’s never been a better time to make an eco-friendly choice, especially since it’s never been more affordable.

Wholesale Bag Buying Options

In addition to being customizable, attractive and eco-friendly, tradeshow bags are also a very affordable advertising medium. Each convention bag generates about 1,000 impressions per dollar spent, which is much more effective than a range of other advertising media (17 per radio spot, 200 per primetime cable segment and 500 per billboard, according to research data). That’s a huge savings compared to the other types of advertising available and means the best use of your marketing dollars is definitely complimentary conference bags to your clients and customers, business partners and tradeshow attendees.

Custom trade show bags themselves are already affordable; we make them even more affordable with a cost-effective manufacturing and printing process, and durable materials that keep your convention bags around over the long haul, ensuring lots of people see them. Plus, our wholesale ordering options mean you can buy in bulk, then stockpile custom conference bags for later when you need them. Buy an assortment of wholesale tradeshow bags now, and dole them out over the next few tradeshows, and you’ll get the best bang for your buck.

When you work with us, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for the sake of money. Our products are cost-effective naturally, so you can get exactly what you need without having to cut corners. The combination of sturdiness and good pricing means you’ll always get a bargain from Reuse This Bag.

Make the Most of Your Tradeshow Bags

Ready to make the most of our wholesale tradeshow bags for the conference? We’re ready to help you think through your options and choose the best ones for your tradeshow needs. We’ll talk you through the fabric, colors, printing process and more so that when it comes time to hand those custom imprinted tradeshow bags out, you can do so with head held high. Please contact us today for assistance or choose any item to begin your order.

We can’t wait to help you build the custom tradeshow bag your business deserves!

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