Benefits of Eco-Friendly Products for Your Business

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Going green is good for business in more ways than one. It’s true that some businesses embrace the environment as a method for selling more products. However, there are equally many businesses embracing the planet for reasons of their own. Chief among them are personal convictions that it’s the right thing to do.

Even if you’re still sitting on the fence about the effects of every business decision on the planet, you can probably agree that things like plastic pollution, straws in the ocean, and toxins in the water are bad for us all, including the planet.

There are many benefits to bringing eco-friendly products into your business, including the eight benefits listed below.

1. Eliminates Plastic Waste

One simple switch can make a world of difference when it comes to the planet. Americans alone use 100 billion, with “B” plastic bags each year, many of which wind up creating pollution on roadsides, in waterways, and even in the stomachs of dead birds, sea turtles, and more. Making one simple switch, to reusable canvas bags and totes, for your business can help to reduce the devastating impact of plastic on the planet.

There are different types of bags that work for a variety of industries, including:

You have plenty of options to consider when it comes to eliminating plastic waste with reusable canvas and other bags. There are even bags made of recycled plastic.

2. Creates Branding Opportunities

Believe it or not, choosing things like reusable plastic bags for your business, and other earth-friendly products, can help you boost your brand to audiences who appreciate businesses that make that effort. Not only does something like using reusable shopping bags rather than disposable cups for your products help you brand your business, it also helps you to share your values as a “green” business with your customers and other people they encounter while using your cups and bags. It’s a gift you give to your customers that keeps on giving, by helping you build your brand.

3. Saves You Money

It’s also true you can save a ton of money for your business, year after year, simply by switching to greener products, like LED lightbulbs whereby you can save your business a lot of money on bulb replacements and electricity bills alike.

One way you can save money by going green involves eliminating paper waste and costs by going digital. This choice allows staff to telecommute so you no longer need to provide office space and equipment.

You can also install low flow faucets and toilets in the workplace to save on water. Finally, you can maximize natural lighting in your workspaces to promote the mental health and visual health aspects of doing business.

4. Makes You Money

One thing that many small business owners are surprised to learn is that going green and using eco-friendly products in your business is something many consumers, 55 percent, in fact, are willing to pay premiums for. In addition to premium prices for consumers, the U.S. government offers its own share of incentives to businesses who take the plunge and go green for the planet. These incentives come in the forms of tax breaks and tax credits that help you put more money back into your business coffers.

Additionally, there are some shoppers who will choose businesses that offer planet friendly products over those who do not. They’ll even go out of their way to purchase products they feel are better for the planet. This equates to more money is going into your business because you made the wise decision to offer greener products, greener packaging, and a greatly reduced carbon footprint.

5. Improves Employee Morale

Working for a green business helps to boost morale and forester positive feelings in customers and employees alike. That is one reason why “green” businesses have lower turnover rates and higher job satisfaction rates. Happy employees will go to the ends of earth for your business, which includes going the extra mile to make, and keep, your customers happy. It’s a gift that keeps on giving – often without your employees even being able to place a finger on the precise reasons they are willing to take extra steps to help your business grow.

6. Increases Demand for Green Products

Consumer demand for planet-friendly products is on the rise. Businesses who go green now, before the government mandates they do, have the upper leg in that they are already established as planet-friendly businesses and have developed a clientele. When the government eventually requires businesses to go green, you’ll be one step ahead of the fray, and face less upheaval when the time comes.

7. Gives Green Businesses Access to Special Subsidies, Grants, and Loan Programs

The government, while not yet requiring businesses to go green, does encourage them to do so by rewarding them with specialized funding through grants, subsidies, and loan programs designed to help businesses make the transition to greater energy efficiency, retrofitting businesses with greener technologies, and to make changes for the better when it comes to earth-friendly practices for your business.

8. Lets Your Priorities for the Planet Show

Perhaps the most important benefit of using eco-friendly products in your business is that it shares your passion for the planet with your customers. Each planet-friendly product you use to engage customers, showcase options, or teach others about the little decisions they can make daily and the impact these choices will have on the planet. It’s a small thing you can do that will have a profound impact on the planet if it sparks a fire for the earth in just one single person.

These eight benefits of eco-friendly products for your business or used by your business carry great weight when it comes to goodwill and good practices for business. And they are only the beginning. Just imagine what you can do with careful planning and financing to make your eco-friendly business soar, so you can reap all the rewards mentioned above.

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Douglas Lober Chief Product Specialist

Doug Lober is Co-Founder and Chief Product Specialist for Lober is a passionate environmentalist with roots in the Southern California surf culture. Over the last 15 years, Lober has launched and supported a number of environmental initiatives around the land, sea, and air. Today, he continues to provide and support the use of eco-friendly promotional products for small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies. You can learn more about his extensive background in the industry on,,, Twitter and

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