Budget-Friendly and Eco-Friendly Giveaways for Nonprofits

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It’s understandable that many nonprofits are concerned about how they spend every penny that comes through their doors. As a nonprofit organization, you want to devote as much time, energy, and expense to activities providing the biggest bang for your bucks.

Of course, you want to make eco-friendly choices as well. Fortunately for you, it isn’t necessary to choose between the two when planning giveaways for your organization. These budget-friendly giveaway items are also planet-friendly too.

Health Essentials

This includes a variety of items such as printed face masks, customized hand sanitizers, first aid kits, bandage holders, and other similar items. All eyes are on health and sanitation these days, and little tokens that promote healthier living are huge hits with consumers, donors, patrons, etc. The idea is to seek out small, inexpensive items that allow you to print custom messages so people remember your non-profit organization every time they use the gifts you offer. Choosing reusable face masks and hand sanitizers in recycled plastic bottles help your efforts on the planet-friendly front.


While most people immediately think of t-shirts in the wearable realm, there are some wearables that are even more cost-effective. T-shirts also offer the greatest visual impact and future use – which makes them an eco-friendly choice. However, all wearables that can be worn over and over again offer some eco-friendliness worth considering.

There are many options to consider, including:

  • Wristbands
  • Headbands
  • Hats
  • Caps
  • Hoodies
  • Bandanas
  • Beanies
  • Bracelets
  • Lanyards
  • Polo shirts
  • Tank tops

Some wearables take things one step further and are made with eco-friendly materials so you can buy with confidence that you’re doing your part for the planet. Obviously, some wearables cost more than others. Choose wisely when exploring your options.

Custom Reusable Bags

There are all kinds of bags people use each and every day. The more useful the bag, the greater its eco-friendliness. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune on eco-friendly reusable bags that share the message about your non-profit.

More importantly, choosing useful bags that people will use often as they go about their normal routines, errands, and daily lives will share the message with everyone they encounter along the way.

There are many types of bags to choose from, such as custom drawstring bags, reusable grocery bags, custom insulated bags, and more that can be found in a wide range of materials, such as recycled plastic, cotton or canvas, nylon, or even jute. These bags come in a wide range of sizes and styles and can be custom-printed with the information you desire. More importantly, they are cost-effective, budget-friendly, and eco-conscious.

Reusable Steel Cups and Water Bottles

More and more consumers are ditching bottled water in favor of carrying refillable water bottles with them on the go. This gives them the opportunity to refill and reuse their bottles as they go about their days (especially with many workplaces offering filtered water stations where employees can refill their bottles or cups throughout the day). The cups are useful in that they can hold water and other hot or cold drinks. All of them offer opportunities for nonprofits, like yours, to customize them with your message at an affordable rate.

These are not only budget-friendly items that also happen to eco-friendly as well, they are also trendy items that are in much greater demand as the world becomes more accepting of the need to address global warming.

Reusable Lunch Bags

Many people around the world carry their lunch to work every day – or they want to be better about it. Giving reusable lunch bags printed with your logo helps people dedicate themselves to the task of bringing their lunch to work with them and gives them a great tool for transporting their lunches. There are many different options available from those that are highly economic to those that are a little more costly but richer in features, style, and customization options, like the 6-pack lunch cooler that has multiple pockets in addition to the fully-insulated interior compartment.

Stadium Cups

If you’re looking to meet the needs of large crowds with planet-friendly promotional items as well, consider offering stadium cups. These reusable cups provide years of use to the individuals receiving them and deliver endless hours of exposure for your non-profit every time a member of the family uses one of these cups or a guest sees these cups in use. Choose color changing stadium cups for an eye-catching option that will ensure attention is given to the information you have printed on these cups.

Notebooks Made of Recycled Materials

These are slightly less budget-friendly than some of the other products on this list, yet they offer a larger bang for your buck than many of them. The fact that they’re made with recycled materials makes them earth-friendly. Combine that with the fact they can be used over and over again and you have a real winner on your hands. In a best-case-scenario, choose refillable notebooks that can provide years of usefulness to the people who receive them. They become gifts that keep on giving as long as they can continue to refill the notebook.

Bamboo Utensil Sets

You can find a variety of bamboo utensil sets available to print with your nonprofit’s logo. Some of them even come with reusable stainless steel straws and cleaning brushes for a completely portable, reusable set of eating utensils so people never again need to rely on potentially harmful plastic utensils that do more harm for the planet and the many animals that call the planet home than the average person realizes.

These great promotional giveaways allow non-profits, like yours, to walk the fine line between attractive promotional items to give, slim budget requirements, and the earth-friendly route you want to take for your entire organization.

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