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Nylon Bags & Totes

Chances are you've seen these bags before being toted around farmers markets, stores and tradeshows. Who doesn’t love a nice reusable nylon bag  or tote with a bright, fun logo, after all?

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About Custom Nylon Bags & Totes

The time has come. The time to look at your marketing scheme once more. Maybe you’re pretty happy with where your sales are at, but can’t figure out how to attract customers to new products rather than just sticking with the old ones they love.

Perhaps you’re just starting out, and can’t decide where to put your advertising dollars first. After all, with so many aspects of your business needing attention, making such decisions can definitely get overwhelming.

Or maybe you’re somewhere in between. You’ve seen decent business growth for a few years, but you know if you could only use that ad budget to better effect, your results would be a lot higher. Wherever you’re at one the spectrum – new, growing, established – there is one solution that has proven effective over and over again.

Reusable custom nylon tote bags. Whether you like classic nylon bags, like the ones we list below, or prefer a range of other totes and carryalls, a branded nylon bag is one of the absolute best decisions you can make with your marketing dollar.

Here’s why.

Branded Marketing Goodness, All Yours

There are two ways to measure the effectiveness of a branded item. The first is to measure how many impressions you get per dollar – that is to say, how many pairs of eyeballs land on your product for every dollar you spend on them?

The answer for custom nylon bags is an impressive one thousand impressions. If that doesn’t rock your socks, know that writing utensils are only 500 and shirts only 200, according to Branding Beat. Other common advertising options include billboards, which only reach 500, and primetime cable, which only draw in about 200 views per dollar. Radio, newspapers and national magazines are all in the double digits, believe it or not.

So that’s the first way to measure impressions. The second is to calculate how many impressions each instance of a product will draw. Wholesale nylon tote bags also win at this metric, generating nearly 6,000 impressions per item.

The takeaway? Nylon bags are king. Or queen. Whomever you prefer to think of as your ruler … nylon bags are that.

Help the Environment, Help Your Brand

It’s no secret that plastic bags are terrible for the environment, which helps explain why so many American states and countries across the world have put bag bans or taxes in place. Even those that haven’t banned them yet have legislation pending, while very few have outright banned the bans, if you will. This goes to show how seriously the world takes plastic and how much people want to change.

Obviously you care about reducing our impact on the environment as well, especially considering the low rate of plastic bag recycling worldwide. Even though more and more companies and locales are standing up to say no, that doesn’t mean other companies have quit bag use entirely. In fact, in the U.S. alone, we go through 100 billion shopping bags annually. That’s still a lot, and doesn’t come cheap to retailers either – almost $4 per year total.

What does this mean for you? That by buying reusable custom nylon bags, you not only project a green image that customers want to support, but you save money on disposable bags as well. Your customer, moreover, then has a long-lasting way to help the world whenever they go shopping, give a gift or head out on an adventure. It’s a win-win-win: a win for you, a win for the customer, a win for the environment.

Make Your Mark with a Variety of Nylon Bags and Totes

We design our custom nylon bags for maximum functionality, so that you can meet the needs of your audience without stretching or straining. All nylong bags can be bought in bulk at wholesale pricing.

For instance, if you work with the elderly selling mobility tools, you’ll love the Nylon Walker Accessory w/Velcro Straps. Designed specifically to hang on a walker with easy-open access, this helps seniors on the go reach their necessary items without endangering themselves.

Do you work for a beverage company with an extensive can line? Maybe you purvey juice, sodas, ice coffee or beer, and want to give your best customers or investors a little something extra to remember you by. In that case, the 19 Can Cooler Tote Bag could suit your needs perfectly. Not only does it fit the aforementioned 19 cans (can we take a moment to appreciate that?), it also comes in two eye-catching colors: lime green and sky blue. Beachgoers and picnickers unite!

The bottom line is, there’s a custom nylon bag for everyone … as long as you take the time to find it. You can either scroll through the list of options on the list, or you can choose from the wide variety of wholesale nylon bags.

Nylon Bag Varieties to Market Your Biz

Our custom nylon bags are bestsellers for a reason. They stand up to a lot of wear and tear, they look nice in someone’s shopping cart or in the back seat of their car, attracting the attention and branding themselves on the brains of those who don’t even know they’re looking. Branded printed nylon bags are subliminal marketing at its best, giving your customers the options they need to make the right choice when it comes time to use your brand.

Here are our favorite categories:

  • Drawstring: Drawstring bags are perfect for a wide variety of uses. Think gym clothes, small grocery stores trips, traveling and visits to artisanal stores.
  • Lunch Tote: Lunch totes are popular for obvious reasons. Our customers regularly give them out to employees, high-volume clients and customers of their own, vendors, business partners and investors.
  • Accessory Bag: Accessory bags are small and capable of integrating with a wide variety of other items. You can hook them on backpacks, stash them in cars or, as mentioned, hang them from walkers and other mobility devices.
  • Tote Bag: Nothing says beach day like a tote bag. Totes made of high-quality vinyl have no trouble withstanding sand, sun and surf, and are perfect for adventure after adventure.
  • Yoga Bag: Do you serve a crunchier or more health conscious crowd? The yoga bag is a perfect way to display your brand to others at the studio who might appreciate your products.
  • Travel Bag: Adventure calls, and it’s calling your bags right along with it. Travel bags are the perfect size for several changes of clothes, toiletries, a good read for two, and even a laptop if you’re planning on a working vacation.
  • Duffel: Duffels speak for themselves. They have always been useful, and they always will be.
  • Laundry Bag: Laundry bags are the perfect gift for the younger set. Think high school students or college-goers who frequently tote large amounts of laundry home from extended sleepovers or dorm rooms.
  • Backpack: Last but not least, you can’t go wrong with the classic backpack. It’s perfect for all ages and  all types of employees or stakeholders, and it is one of the most attractive branded backup options.

If you don’t see a custom nylon tote bag you like in this list, no worries. These aren’t the only nylon tote options, and we’re always happy to help you get the customized nylon bag ook and feel you need to reach maximum success.

Start Designing Your Nylon Bag Today

Are you ready to start designing a custom imprinted nylon bag that will meet your marketing needs and impress your prospects? The team here at ReuseThisBag is ready to help. You can give us a call at 877.334.5323 to speak to an account rep now. We’ll help you think through your options, including material, color, logo, printing process, amount, shipping time and more.

If you need a little extra hand-holding in designing a marketing plan, no problem. Just let our team know what you’re looking for and we will do our best to make sure you get it. Again, that number is 877.334.5323, so give us a call today.


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