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Reusable Grocery Bags & Totes

We offer a super large selection of high quality, bulk custom branded imprinted personalized grocery tote bags and shopping totes.  All promotional branded grocery bags can be custom imprinted with your company or organization logo.

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Establish & Promote Your Brand

For most businesses, building a strong brand that consumers recognize and turning your audience into loyal promoters of the business is the central obsession of multiple departments across the organization. Companies may turn to paid advertising, or they may rely on building partnerships with other organizations to help achieve brand awareness.

Research shows that one of the most effective ways of establishing and hyping a brand is by creating custom promotional products, in particular, branded reusable grocery bags. Nearly 3 in 4 consumers own at least one branded reusable grocery bag, and custom imprinted reusable bags reach more consumers than things like hats, jackets, calendars or USB drives.

Dozens of types of reusable grocery bags can be custom made with your company’s logo, imagery, slogans, websites, physical address or other information. Giving a customer, potential customer, employee or community contact a reusable bag raises your company’s profile for that individual, but it also turns them into a walking billboard every time they grab the reusable bag as they head out of their house.

The average reusable bag creates 3,300 consumer impressions over its lifespan, and more durable bags that last longer and can be used for more purposes provide even more of a chance to spread your brand to the general public.

In addition to your logo and other branding, the type of reusable bag you choose can also serve to reinforce your brand. The materials each reusable grocery bag is made of creates a different mood. For instance, this jute tote has a more organic feel than this insulated tote that amps up the utility factor.

All of those decisions give you a chance to consistently reinforce your brand identity, and those factors add up to creating a vibe that consumers will connect to.

Support Your Values

We’ve known for years that the widespread use of plastic bags, especially the thin plastic bags used to carry groceries, is incredibly bad for the environment. While some states and cities are taking up the cause of reducing or virtually eliminating the use of these bags, companies that are concerned about reducing their negative environmental impact would be wise to consider having custom reusable grocery bags made.

Giving these reusable grocery bags away as promotional items to customers or potential customers not only encourages people to reduce the number of single-use grocery bags they are using (that’s no small thing — the average American uses more than 350 plastic bags every year) but it also helps signal to environmentally conscious consumers that your company shares their concern and is part of the fight against climate change.

The business case for sustainability is a no-brainer — it’s the right thing to do, and consumers demand it. More than 75% say they expect companies to support the fight against climate change. Nearly 2 in 3 people say that they’ll conduct research on companies to see if the positions they’re taking are authentic. So if sustainability is a stated goal for your company, it should be something that shows through in every decision you make.

Using your promotions budget at least partially on reusable grocery bags may also give you a chance to create a multiplier effect, depending on the types of reusable grocery bags you choose, as there are some that are made from recycled materials or are even biodegradable.

Become Part of People’s Lives

Though reusable grocery bags may be made to carry groceries, custom reusable shopping bags don’t necessarily need to be limited to that one use, and most consumers view them as all-purpose items. Among all consumers, 73% own a promotional bag, and that number is even higher for baby boomers, 84% of whom have at least one of these reusable grocery bags.

The nature of how they’ve used means they almost float into the background. Many families have a stack of these reusable shopping bags in the kitchen after they bring in the groceries, and companies that use these bags as promotional materials are getting their brand in front of people while they’re cooking or sitting down to dinner.

Many consumers keep a supply of reusable bags in their cars so they’re never without one, meaning your company’s brand is there while they make their daily trips to work or travel to and from school or sports events.

And, of course, carrying groceries is only one of the ways people use these reusable grocery bags in their daily lives, and many reusable bags are geared toward specific uses, like trunk organizers or wine bottle carriers. The wide variety of reusable grocery bag types that you can have custom made with your business logo means that you can be sure you’re giving customers bags they’ll actually use, whether for their stated purposes or as a go-to bag for toting all sorts of items.

Get a Big Bang for Your Buck

Among some of the most common custom promotional items, reusable bags have one of the biggest returns on investment out there. Many reusable grocery bags will cost only about $1 per bag, while others could run up to $15 per bag for some of the higher-end options. But it’s likely that even the most expensive reusable shopping bags will provide a good return on investment over the course of its lifespan.

Let’s do some math. If a low-end reusable bag generates 3,300 impressions and costs a company $3 to have custom branded, that equates to a cost-per-impression (CPI) of less than one-tenth of a cent. Even a higher-end bag that runs, say, $7 per bag would have a CPI of, at most, just over two-tenths of a cent, and probably an even lower cost because the higher quality may mean the reusable grocery bag gets used longer or for more purposes and, therefore, gets more impressions over its useful life.

Reusable bags have more favorable CPI numbers than T-shirts and polos, hats, calendars, USB drives, desk accessories, drinkware, umbrellas and outerwear. The only promotional item that beats reusable grocery bags in cost-per-impression is pens and writing instruments, but bags last months longer on average.

Among all methods of brand promotion, wholesale reusable bags are among the most cost-effective. Looking at paid advertising, the typical company is likely to spend far more reaching a digital audience through ads than a real-world audience through promotional items like bags.

Reusable grocery bags that carry your company’s branding create a physical, tangible connection with your brand at what amounts to a bargain price.

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