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Custom Reusable Grocery Bags & Totes

We offer a super large selection of high quality, custom imprinted reusable grocery bags and totes.  All bag styles can be custom imprinted with your company or organization logo.

See our selection of custom reusable shopping totes below or choose additional style types from the left section:

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About Custom Reusable Grocery Bags & Totes

Everyone loves a reusable grocery tote bag. What better way to pack for a picnic or a long road trip, give a larger gift to a loved one, or tote groceries home from the store without having to worry about ripping, tearing or environmental harm? Our custom reusable bags and totes offer all that, in addition to high-quality printing and excellent branding.

Yep, the marketing component is definitely topnotch. Did you know that every custom reusable bag receives an average of 5,700 impressions in its lifetime? That’s just an average, keep in mind: If you choose a durable option that won’t break down within a few weeks or months, the number of potential impressions can be much higher. Even cheap reusable bags still have the same quality and durability as other higher priced bags. After all, cheap reusable grocery bags do not mean a lesser quality product. Cheap bags are typically around the $1 range anyway. All our custom reusable grocery bags are imprinted with the company or organization logo, so your family, friends, customers, business prospects and partners can do your marketing for you … all without lifting a finger (though they still have to lift the reusable bag, of course!).

Custom Promo Marketing That Really Works

While the average custom reusable bag receives almost 6,000 brand impressions, translating to 1,000 per dollar, the average tee shirt only gets 200 impressions per dollar. The average billboard?

Only 500, and think how large that is! If you’re looking for an accessible option that doesn’t take up much space and customers love, a cheap custom reusable grocery tote bag is it.

Because they are fairly cheap, you can give our custom grocery reusable bags as promotional gifts at your store or a trade show, or sell them at your place of business to make shopping that much easier.

Because our custom reusable grocery totes are so sturdy, they last a long time, meaning your gift will keep on giving – both to your customer, and to you in the form of long-lasting marketing. Choose from a rainbow of colors to ensure your grocery tote bag really stands out, sticking with a single branded hue, or buying a selection to bring color to your shop.

Our custom reusable grocey tote bags also make for adorable arrangements, perfecting that window display or filing out an empty-looking checkout stand. Make the most of your marketing with products you feel good about, that customers love and that can be customized to fit your every need.

A Variety of Custom Reusable Bags to Fit Every Need

Custom reusable bags have a wide variety of applications, but that doesn’t mean every need is the same. If you want to keep your customers coming back, you can do it with a selection of custom reusable shopping bags that serve different purposes. Sure, our structured grocery bags are perfect for heavy groceries, but they don’t fold up small. On the other hand, our cotton totes are definitely cheaper and may be ideal for the beach but can’t fit as much as a full-sized grocery bag. Luckily, there’s something for everyone in our full line of custom reusable shopping bags and totes. For instance, you might consider:

  • Custom Non Woven Bags: Our beautiful custom non woven options give you a sturdy reusable bag with serious staying power. The non woven fabric doesn’t rip easily, and the handles stay attached over the long haul and is definitely considered cheap or affordable. With a crisp logo and a huge variety of colors from which to choose, this is one of our classic, most popular options.
  • Custom Cotton Totes: A range of custom cotton totes will help you outfit your clients, customers, prospects, business partners and employees with the branded bags that make their lives simpler and get your logo out into the world. Cotton holds up wonderfully for years, and takes well to printing, so that logo stays put!
  • Custom Trunk Organizer: Not so much a bag as the bag of all bags, the trunk organizer gives you a place to stand up your groceries so they stay safe on their way home. As an added bonus, your special people can then use the trunk organizer to stock even more of your bags for their next grocery trip.
  • Custom Trade Show Bags: Our selection of trade show bags range from woven retail bags to slim, attractive metro bags. These are the perfect size for toting paper collateral and gifts at tradeshows, but double as carryalls later on. Keep yourself top of mind long after your prospects have left the convention center with these handy options.
  • Custom Full Color Imprint: Want to display your brand to maximum effect? Our full color imprint custom grocery style bags do more than lay down a logo; they give you a full panel of color. If you have a multicolored logo or brand image you like to use, this is the perfect choice. As the name implies, there’s big magic happening here.
  • Custom rPET Recycled Bags: Made from RPET and other recycled materials, our custom recycled bags give that extra environmental push that clients just love to see. Double down on the eco-friendly goodness when you buy these bags wholesale.
  • Custom Rip Stop Tee Shirt Bag: The rip stop tee shirt bag’s cute, original shape and handy arms – perfect for slotting onto a supermarket checkout holder – make this a one-of-a-kind choice.
  • Custom Rip Stop Nylon Bags: Fit lots of stuff in ‘em or carry ‘em around small. Our custom imprinted nylon bags are not only much harder to tear, thanks to rip stop technology, they can be tucked away in a purse for easy access when your client or customer needs them in a pinch.
  • Custom Biodegradable Bags: The ultimate in environmental consciousness, this custom grocery style bag can be used until it wears out, then actually composted. Made of cotton, it will naturally decompose, adding to the world’s supply of precious soil rather than rotting in landfill.
  • Custom Woven Bags: Prime among these is the woven polypropylene variety. Offering unprecedented vibrance, durability and class, these are among the best sellers – and the best marketing tools – on the market today. See our style selection here but keep in mind, these amazing woven bags are completely customized with your artwork, no two bags are ever alike!

Eco-Friendliness for the Win

In addition to being attractive and durable and fairly cheap, our custom reusable bags also score one for the environment. If you’re into saving our planet (and who isn’t?), we can’t recommend reusable totes highly enough. Plastic bags are one of the biggest curses on our environment, harming wildlife and leaching plastics into our groundwater and oceans.

You can help fix that.

Did you know that just one custom reusable bag can keep more than 700 disposable grocery bags out of landfill? That’s a crazy-huge difference, especially considering that a lot of that landfill ends up out in the oceans, swirling in the huge islands known as the Pacific and Atlantic Garbage Patches. Obviously we all need to do our parts to take action, and in your case, reusable grocery bags are a great way to start.

High Quality Materials and Printing Processes

So we’ll just put it out there: You can probably find reusable grocery bags for cheaper elsewhere. The competition loves to offer cut-rate knockoffs that look like a good deal upfront, but when you dig deeper, the truth isn’t so lovely. Those bags tend to fall apart at the first sign of stress: a bit of water, a slight tear, a heavy item. That’s not what a reusable shopping bag is supposed to be, though, and it doesn’t reflect well on your company. Nor does it offer the environmental boon that long-lasting bags do.

We take more pride in our work than that. Our customized reusable bags are made with high-quality materials that stand the test of time. Whether you’re looking for recycled options or love a natural choice like cotton, you’ll find it among the many options listed above, so we invite you to scroll back up and start shopping today. Or, if you’ve already made your choice, just get in touch.

Get Your Wholesale Bags Today

Ready to get your wholesale reusable bags? You can click on the links for more information, or you can pick up the phone and give us a call. Our friendly team will walk you through all your options, after which you simply send in the artwork and we get started. Plus, you won’t have to wait for endless weeks after making your option. Our processing time is usually less than a week after all artwork has been approved, meaning your shiny new products will arrive on your doorstep sooner than you thought possible.

Get ready to build that biz the right way today!


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