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Reusable Grocery Bags & Totes

We offer a super large selection of high quality, bulk custom branded imprinted personalized grocery tote bags and shopping totes.  All promotional branded grocery bags can be custom imprinted in bulk with your company or organization logo.

See our selection of bulk custom reusable shopping & grocery style totes below or choose additional style types from the left section:

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About Wholesale Reusable Grocery Bags and Totes

Wholesale reusable grocery bags are more than handy items to have when you head to the supermarket. Of course, they do help you carry your groceries from the checkout line to your car and into your home. However, they also have a positive impact on the environment and offer wholesale advertising opportunities for the brands that sell or give them away in bulk. 

You may not be thinking much about your wholesale custom reusable grocery bags when you head to the store, but they're likely making a bigger impact than you think. Custom printed reusable bags in bulk are always advertising and generating business while you move throughout the store. 

Choose to sell or gift wholesale custom bulk reusable shopping bags from Reuse This Bag, and you'll enjoy the benefits of top-quality, long-lasting reusable grocery bags that spread your message across town and far beyond. Our custom reusable bags offered in bulk are so useful, your customers and future clients will take them everywhere they go. 

Constantly Promote Your Business

Advertising can be expensive, especially if you promote your business day and night in numerous locations. Fortunately, wholesale bulk reusable bags with your logo are an extremely cost-effective alternative to billboards, television commercials, radio ads and more. 

Reusable grocery bags are carried to, from and throughout the supermarket, advertising your brand to everyone who sees. Even more, our Reuse This Bag wholesale custom reusable bags in bulk are so useful, you'll find them in far more places than the grocery store. They're used for running errands, heading to the gym, going to work and even while traveling. Print your logo on a wholesale reusable grocery bag, and it could travel around the world. 

Types of Wholesale Custom Reusable Shopping Bags

At Reuse This Bag, we offer a variety of bulk wholesale reusable shopping bags to suit a wide range of needs. Whether you're in search of our most affordable, Original Standard Reusable Grocery bag, one made from cotton, a nylon drawstring bag, or even a laminated wholesale reusable grocery bag made from recycled plastic, you can find it and customize it here.

The following are some of our most popular wholesale reusable grocery bag choices customers order in bulk:

  • Reusable Cotton Roll Up with Recyclable Material: This bulk cotton wholesale bag is made from recyclable material and can easily be rolled up and stored anywhere. It will become your client's go-to reusable bag for everyday use.

  • Non-Woven "Hurry Up" Reusable Grocery: This ultra-affordable bulk wholesale bag offers a 7-inch by 7-inch imprint area with one- to four-color silk screen printing. Make your logo pop with our variety of vibrant print colors. 

  • The Original Standard Reusable Grocery: Another affordable bulk option, our Original Standard Reusable Grocery wholesale bag features is ultra durable and can hold up to 40 pounds. A variety of print colors make this bag an ideal option for getting your logo seen.

  • Reusable T-Shirt Style Tote:  A top-quality t-shirt style tote is one your clients will be proud to take everywhere they go. It's affordable, lightweight and features a handy interior floating pocket. 

  • Laminated rPET from Recycled Plastic: Reusable bags are already environmentally friendly, but this Laminated rPET from Recycled Plastic is made from custom recycled plastic bag materials, making it even greener. Full-coverage printing makes this bag one of the top advertising options available, with plenty of space for your logo, message, and other information all offered at wholesale prices. 

Vibrant, Quality Logo Printing to Promote Your Brand

The goal of purchasing wholesale reusable bags with your logo is to ensure your brand is advertised far and wide. This means you need a bag that's printed using the most innovative printing process. At, your bulk wholesale reusable shopping bags are always printed using the latest and greatest printing processes and a variety of vibrant color options. Many bulk bags even feature a 100-percent full-color imprint area, allowing you to cover the bag with your logo, message or other design. 

We make it our mission to provide you with a gorgeous product that promotes your brand or business exactly as you desire. Choose your logo, colors, size and from a variety of other bulk wholesale options, and we'll create a bag that surpasses your expectations. Submit your order, and we'll immediately get to work with a innovative printing process to imprint your logo clearly and precisely. We'll help you advertise your brand or company exactly as you want it to be seen, whether you're offering your bulk bags at a tradeshow, convention or any other venue. 

Positively Impact the Environment

Custom printed reusable bulk bags are more than an advertising opportunity. They're an opportunity to aid the environment. Reusable bags are an environmentally-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags, which can sit in our landfills and oceans for decades, harming wildlife and water systems. Selling or gifting wholesale reusable grocery bags is one way your brand can help prevent the use of single-use plastic bags and give back to the environment. We guarantee your clients and customers will appreciate your eco-friendly efforts too.

Order Your Reusable Grocery Bags Today

Advertising doesn't have to be expensive. At Reuse This Bag, we offer the most affordable custom wholesale reusable bags, so you can advertise and positively impact the environment in an affordable way. We focus on providing the most cost-effective and top-quality printing and manufacturing processes, so you can enjoy unbeatable prices. 

Contact us to find out about our unbeatable wholesale bulk pricing and to start creating your company's custom reusable shopping bags today. 


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