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Ready to launch a new marketing plan? Want to attract all those customers you know could be yours, but you’re not sure how to do it? Thinking about using bags to accomplish your goals, but unsure they’ll work for you the way you hope?

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Custom Merchandise Bags & Totes

Well, you take a deep breath. We’re here with the answers you seek about the marketing, environmental benefits, options and design of bags. Once you finish reading this, you’ll have all the tools you need to make an informed choice about what kinds of bags are right for your grocery, bottled beverage or retail business. Ditto if you’re a service-based business looking for effective customer loyalty programs.

So whip out that notepad or tablet and get ready to take notes. We’re pretty sure by the end of this page, you’ll know everything you need to about your newest marketing scheme.

The Eco Debate: Paper, Plastic or Reusable?

So you’re trying to choose a bag type for your business, but you’re not sure which way to go. What’s best for the environment and for your image? Does paper, plastic or reusable win out? Good questions all.

Many people think that paper, while obviously not as beneficial to the environment as reusable bags, is a better choice than plastic.

Unfortunately, this isn’t true. While paper is biodegradable and plastic is not, that’s not enough to counterbalance the extremely resource-intensive and damaging nature of paper’s production. Traditional paper bags:

  • Do not use waste natural gases in their manufacture like plastic bags do. As those gases would otherwise go to waste (they get burned off in the purification of natural gas we use in homes)
  • Use trees, which are not as renewable as many people make them out to be
  • Use many other natural resources in their processing and manufacture
  • Cannot be reused easily, because they tear after a few uses, or even sooner if they get wet
  • Have considerably greater mass than plastic, which means they clog up landfills faster
  • Contribute more greenhouse gases to the environment than plastic bags as a result
  • Don’t actually biodegrade in landfill due to the absence of oxygen and the different microbial makeup of garbage as compared to, say, soil or compost

Of course, plastic is no picnic either. “Worldwide, as many as one trillion plastic bags are used each year and less than 5 percent of plastic is recycled,” says the EPA blog. “In the United States, according to the EPA, we use over 380 billion plastic bags and wraps yearly, requiring 12 million barrels of oil to create.”

The obvious answer? Reusable bags. They not only last for weeks, months or years, depending on their design and use, their hardy construction is a signal to customers to save and reuse them. Even reusable paper bags – the ones made of stiff, durable paper and handles that don’t break in a light breeze – are much better than traditional paper bags and plastic.

Plus, their marketing power is incontestable.

Incredible Marketing Power at Cost-Effective Prices

Would it surprise you to learn that bags get the most impressions of any promotional item? It’s true; they win handily against every other marketing medium, from broadcast to clothing to office supplies. Consider the following rankings for various promotional items per dollar spent:

  • Writing utensils: 500 impressions
  • Billboards: 500 impressions
  • Calendars: 333 impressions
  • Shirts: 200 impressions
  • Primitime cable: 200 impressions
  • Office accessories: 125 impressions
  • Newspapers: 34 impressions
  • National magazines: 22 impressions
  • Radio spot: 17 impressions

Most importantly, how many do promotional bags get?

Wait for it: a thousand impressions per marketing dollar spent. That’s crazy marketing value. At twice the impressions of the next highest-ranking medium, the choice is obvious.

Draw Clients and Customers in and Keep Them Loyal

Customers value an item they can use again and again. Unlike pens, which quickly get lost in junk drawers, and shirts, which shrink in the wash faster than you can say “cold cycle,” bags keep their shape, durability and usefulness over time.

Plus, also unlike those other items, bags have a clear use. We put them in our trunks for the next time we go to the grocery store, when we immediately pull them out and stack them in our carts for checkout. If we don’t have enough, we might buy another promo bag at the register. Customers increasingly rely on these reusable bags for their shopping trips, reminding them of their fondness for you with each outing.

Each time a customer whips out one of your bags, other people see them. At the checkout stand, in the parking lot, while transferring groceries from their cars, they’re flashing your brand to the world. Studies show that you need an average of 12 touches before you win over a client or customer, so by putting your logo and name out into the world, you’re effectively lowering the barrier of entry to your product for every person that sees that bag – every time they see it.

A Variety of Bags to Make Your Biz Stand Out

Your exact business model, intentions for promotional bags and general aesthetic will dictate what types of bags you use. We offer a huge range of choices for our merchandise bags and totes. These include:

  • Grocery totes such as the The Original Standard Grocery Bag
  • Trade show and retail bags
  • Mini grocery totes with reinforced handles
  • Laminated totes
  • Snack sacks perfect for work lunches or small picnics
  • Jute and burlap bags with years of life in them
  • Kraft paper and Eurototes, which are perfect for regifting or reusing for beverages
  • Cubby bags, ideal for sticking in a locker or cubby
  • Stylish totes made of natural fibers and big enough for a beach day
  • Two tone bags that represent upscale resorts, restaurants or boutiques
  • Non-woven die cut bags
  • Thick, natural paper bags that stand up much longer than traditional bags and help mitigate problems with nonreusable bags
  • Coffee bags with windows

If you need something you’re not seeing, of course, feel free to get in touch at any time.

How to Design the Perfect Bag

If you’re sold on the idea of bags but still daunted by the prospect of designing them, don’t be. It’s actually a pretty simple process:

  1. Choose which type of bag works best for your business. If you’re a bottled beverage purveyor, single bottle wine bags are an obvious choice. On the other hand, if you work in law or medicine, accounting or marketing, you’re likely better off with a larger bag that customers can reuse again and again for groceries.
  2. Once you pick your bag, choose a logo that will fit on it. You can also include your name or tagline, or another image that fits your brand.
  3. Choose the color of the bag itself, ideally something that matches your theme colors.
  4. Choose either black, white or color for printing. These should stand out well against your background and also reflect your theme colors.
  5. Speak to one of our experts to decide on the right number of bags for your order. In some cases, you might want to start at 200 or so, especially if you’re running a promotion. If you’re selling bags at your register or giving them away with each purchase, though, you’ll want to order more so you don’t have to worry about restocking.

Questions? We have answers.

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