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Folding Bags & Totes

Wondering how bags, including folding bags and totes, work for smart businesses? Here’s a quick look at our selection. You can read more about how they work below.

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About Folding Bags & Totes

When you think of marketing, what comes to mind?

For many people, it’s ad execs such as those in the popular show Mad Men, having brilliant breakthroughs in the board room and creating epic campaigns that immediately up the influx of purchases from consumers across the nation and around the world. For others, the prevailing image is that of a busy team in an office, crafting ad copy to go out with the next day’s newspapers or popular magazines. For still others, it’s nerdy guys and gals in an office, bidding feverishly on digital ads to bring their message to the online world.

Our opinion? It’s all of those things, and the rich history of marketing does not disprove this belief. In fact, marketing is much older than that. Since the earliest days of commerce, when olive oil peddlers and cloth merchants shouted their wares in the marketplace, advertising has comprised a prime factor in sales. Humans simply like to be told which products are good, what their unique benefits are, and how to incorporate them into their lives today.

Whatever your vision of good marketing, we’re guessing you’re missing one of the most effective forms of getting the word out and drawing in customers: promotional products. Bags are at the top of this list, and their impressive results should put them at the top of your marketing plan as well.

Wondering how bags, including folding bags and totes, work for smart businesses? Here’s a quick look at their power and versatility today.

The Power of Folding Bags in Marketing

Marketing works, plain and simple, and nowhere is this more true than with branded promotional items. Giving or selling items with your logo on them is one of the absolute best ways to increase your loyal client and customer following, reach new prospects and build your brand for life.

According to Totally Promotional, “Promotional products have a lower ‘cost per impression’ (.7 cents) in the U.S. than TV (2.5 cents), magazines (2.4 cents) and newspaper (3.2 cents) ads, and the same CPI as internet and radio ads.” Moreover, 58% of people keep promotional products up to four years and often pass them along. Items such as drink coasters or cups can make more than 2,000 impressions before they’re tossed.” Also, “85% of people who receive promotional products remember the advertiser.”

Most importantly, though, “About 52% of recipients do business with advertisers who give them a promotional item.”

And although all promo items carry some of these benefits, bags are particularly impressive. The above source adds that “The most popular promotional product in the U.S. is customized bags.”

We can’t put it better than Fully Promoted, which points out that “Promotional bags net around 6,000 impressions (aka views) apiece – making promotional bags the most viewed promotional product around.” They go on to note that “This stat might be the most mind-blowing, since we don’t often think of promotional bags as the superstars of the promotional-products world, nor do we necessarily think something as simple as a bag could substantially benefit businesses. It’s true, though.”

Plus, promotional bags are eminently affordable. You can absolutely fit them in your budget, no trouble, and they have so many uses it would be a shame not to. Folding bags and totes are especially useful, since you can store them so easily, then pull them out for gifts or sales when you need them.

Let’s take a look at some of the best uses for promotional bags.

How to Put Folding Promo Bags to Work for You

The uses of folding bags are so numerous you’ll be amazed you haven’t heard of them before. Because they fold up so neatly, clients and customers love to hang on to them for a long time. Even if they get rid of them, they often pass them on, as noted above. That way, new owners can get use out of them – which has major environmental benefits – and you get free brand exposure without having to engage in new marketing campaigns.

Some of the most popular and utile folding bags and totes include:

  • Foldable Garment Bags: This handy item gives travelers a place to stow their fancy clothes neatly, without worrying about wrinkling or creasing. Handing these out to high-powered business clients is a great way to keep them coming back for your tax, accounting, legal or medical skills.
  • Folding Tote Bags: Normal-sized bags that fold up into packets that fit into the palm of your hand are always a popular item. You can take them to the farmers market, stash them in a purse or a car for as-needed use, or use them for dirty clothes on an extended car trip with the kids. Because of their huge range of uses, they appeal to clients and customers from all walks of life.
  • Zippered Totes: Zipping something into a teeny shape is the perfect way to ensure it stays out of your hair until needed. Ditto your clients and customers, who will love putting these objects to use in their daily plans.
  • Canvas Bags: Canvas bags are one of the best ways to get clients and customers to love your products. Everyone loves a canvas bag for taking to the store, the beach or a company picnic – which incidentally, is one of the best places to hand them out! These foldable bags roll up into a tight hot dog shape, making them perfect for stashing in a suitcase of briefcase.

Bottom line: There’s a huge number of options for small, handy bags that won’t take up much space but do offer great value. Because of that, they’re one of the best ways to appeal to customers and stay top of mind. But how do you choose the right one for you?

A Foolproof Plan for Designing Your Marketing Bags

Because many people aren’t sure the best way to put bags to use for them in their own marketing plans, we thought we’d step in with a quick and handy tutorial to help you decide on the best approach. It’s a simple matter of choosing how you’ll use your bags, the best designs for your purposes and how many you’ll need. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Identify the uses for your promo bags. Will you give them away to clients and customers for free? Will you sell them at the register at a low price, the ideal way to make back your investment while simultaneously offering a value-added service? Will you pack the bags with gifts for a holiday or birthday gift? Your use or uses, if you’re getting more than one bag, should inform your next steps.
  2. If you’re going to use your bags for gifts, choose an upscale option like canvas. On the other hand, if you want to give your customers an all-purpose bag that will see them through an “I need to carry something!” emergency, then nylon is the best way to go.
  3. Time to design your logo. Bright and bold works well for visual companies, like advertising groups, florists or grocery stores. On the other hand, understated has great results for more formal or classy establishments, such as bridal shops or catering companies, where customers to drop big bucks in one-time purchases.
  4. Review your design and logo with the promotional bag company you’ve chosen. If all looks good, click order!

The best way to ensure you get exactly what you need, by the way, is to work with professionals. Here at ReuseThisBag, that’s exactly what we offer: professional service at a price you can afford. If you’re ready to take advantage of the incredible power of bag marketing, we invite you to get in touch with us today by calling 877.334.5323. It’s time to take your advertising to the next level, and we’re here to help!


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