10 Tips for Better Reusable Bag Art

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Reusable bag art comes in all shapes and sizes and in a wide range of designs. The better the art associated with your reusable bags, the more it resonates with your audience and the more likely they are to make your bags their “go to” bags when out and about and when shopping.

These 10 tips will help you create reusable bag art your customers will be clamoring to use time and time again.

1. Use Humor When Designing Reusable Bag Art

The key with this is to make sure it’s the type of humor your target shopper will find amusing while also making it relevant to your business. Above all things, your bags need to reflect your business. Humor is a good way to do that – unless of course, your business is one that doesn’t invite humor. Otherwise, the fun factor is a great way to reach new audiences and encourage return business – especially if you offer discounts to shoppers who bring your bags in.

2. Make Them Stylish

Your reusable bag art may be as simple as creating clean lines or a stylish appearance. Some people want to look as fashionable as possible – even when visiting a supermarket with their favorite reusable bags. Make yours stylish enough, and your bag will be their favorite bag of choice wherever they may be going.

3. Brand Beyond Your Logo

It’s always wise to include your logo on the bag in some way so that your bag is an effective advertising tool. It doesn’t need to be the center of attention on the bag. If the bag itself is intriguing enough, people will look for your information or a more subtle logo branding within the design. Even your color choice(s) can be important branding tools for your reusable bag art.

4. Make Your Reusable Bag Art Reflect the Values of Your Business

Green companies, or companies that prefer to reflect green values in their products among their customers and in countless other large and small ways, can create reusable bag art that reflects those values.

It doesn’t all have to be “green initiatives, however. It can be anything from images of marine animals affected by plastic, of children sporting new shoes in third-world countries around the world, or even literacy initiatives in communities, prisons, and more (which are amazing ideas for book stores), and even endorsing clean water wherever it is needed.

From ridding the world of plastics, to simply bringing the joy of reading and the humanity of clean drinking water to little corners of it, your bags can reflect the passions of your business and spread the word about that passion.

5. Focus In On Current Product Offerings

If you have a new product that you believe in for your business, your reusable bag art could advertise that product for your business. This is especially beneficial if you offer stylized art that makes it look appealing in real-world situations. It works wonders with our reusable laminated bags and totes. Just make sure the bag itself is an appropriate choice for the product. In other words, make sure you’re getting the right sized bag for the product and, hopefully, others, to fit into.

6. Don’t Forget the Logo

Some people prefer plain and simple with the logo front and center. There’s nothing wrong with that unless you want something a little more artistic. Otherwise, going with your logo offers plenty of room for branding when it comes to coloring, style, etc.

You also have the most options with your logo, which will fit on practically every kind of bag we offer, from custom reusable grocery bags to wholesale laminated bags, to wholesale cotton and canvas bags, wholesale drawstring bags, and more. Depending on your goals, this may be the ideal solution for many businesses, but it doesn’t eliminate your opportunity to explore art in addition to your logo either.

7. Keep It Simple

While some companies prefer busy bags with a lot of visual clutter, that isn’t always the best option. It is too easy for logos and messages to get missed among all the other information on the bag. The result is often opposite your goal.

Your branding could get lost in the mix as does your message. There is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping your bags simple. In fact, some consumers prefer to carry around bags that have simpler messages and styles.

8. Collaborate Locally

Consider bringing a local artist into the process to help you create reusable bag art that promotes the spirit of your business on your bags. It can help bring your mission to life on canvas or laminated bags for all the world to see. It offers exposure for the artists and helps you build your brand within the local community at the same time.

Everybody wins when you promote locally and the bags themselves can become prized possessions people want to use all the time. Just make sure the artist accurately captures the message you want to deliver.

9. Consider the Material and the Size

Some art doesn’t translate well to different sized bags or even different types of material. Make sure the art you choose for your reusable bags is suitable for the art you plan to use as much as it is to the audience you wish to target. Both are important. Too much will get lost if the art appears washed out or pixelated on the bags because they aren’t the right size or fabric for the art that was used.

10. Make Your Bag a Conversation Piece

One alternative to prominently displaying your logo is to make the bag a big enough conversation piece that people will stop and ask. In the process, they’ll often get information about not only the name of your business, but also the products you carry (if it isn’t obvious by the bag itself). It’s a great way to get noticed and build up curiosity about your business.

Don’t let boring bags be the downfall of your business. Consider these 10 tips for better reusable bag art and kick your art up a notch or two. And, if you’re stuck on art work, ReuseThisBag.com can help. We offer free basic artwork, too!

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