Benefits of Giving Custom Reusable Bags at Your Next Convention

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You don’t have to walk far into any trade show or convention to understand that gifts are one of the main attractions at these events. With many vendors attempting to outdo the other when it comes to gifts and swag, it’s a wonder anyone is paying attention to the actual products and advances on display.

That said, there is one type of gift that tends to steal the thunder from so many others – reusable, eco-friendly promotional trade show bags.

Reusable bag trade show giveaways reflect well upon your business. They are multi-purpose tools attendees will be grateful to have during the event to carry their brochures and swag, and afterward because they are so useful.

About Trade Show Reusable Bags and Totes

While many trade show and convention gifts and goodies draw the eye and attract attention on the day of the event, it’s items that can be used time and time again that have staying power. And, they will ultimately continue advertising your business to attendees and to those they come in contact with long after the convention ends.

So, what’s the big deal about eco-friendly custom reusable trade show bags? These bags are often used to carry around the other goodies that people get at the trade shows. That means other attendees are seeing your bags, your logos, and your brand while many of the other vendors gifts and goodies are being carried around inside your bags. Your name is the one everyone will remember from the convention.

Below are some of the benefits of giving away customized reusable canvas bags and totes at your next convention.

1. Increase Booth Traffic

As people walk around conventions and trade shows, they often get a view of the swag others are walking around with. Your bags are likely to be the main attraction among attendees overburdened with gifts from other vendors. They will often stop and ask people where they got your bag and make getting to your booth a priority – often ignoring booths that might otherwise appeal to them in an effort to get one of your bags before they’re gone.

2. Generate More Impressions

It’s a fact that with nearly 6,000 impressions, reusable promotional trade show bags generate more impressions within the United States than any other promotional items. If that is not enough, promotional products, like these reusable bags, earn up to 500 percent more referrals from happy customers.

3. Build Goodwill

At conventions, where gifts are in abundance, it’s not always easy to make an impression. However, giving away functional gifts to attendees during the convention and long after is a great way to do just that. You’re making an amazing impression and building goodwill because you’re offering gifts that are infinitely useful.

4. Promote Your Brand

People will flock to your booth for the useful gifts you’re offering. They’ll remember your brand because they see your logo every time they look at the bag you gave them. More importantly, with many people carrying your branded bags around the convention location, you’ll get even more brand building because hundreds, if not thousands of people, are promoting your brand on your behalf – simply by carrying your bags around during the convention and when they return homes and go out to grocery stores and other outings while using your bags.

5. Engage Attendees

Giving the gift of reusable bags to your convention visitors can help you engage a much larger audience by offering something that’s handy to them on the day of the conference or trade show as well as practical to them long after the event is over. Because they’re excited about the reusable bags you are offering, they’re more likely to remember your message, your booth, and your products as well.

6. Enjoy Long-Lasting Return on Investment (ROI)

The average life span of one reusable bag has a lifespan consistent with that of more than 700 disposable plastic bags. This means your investment will pay off far more than that of logoed plastic bags the average department store or supermarket uses to advertise their businesses.  This helps your advertisement budget go much further in the long run.

7. Help with the Plastic Pollution Problem

The plastic pollution problem is much bigger than you may realize ― perhaps even greater than you imagine. From the plastic pollution problem in the Pacific Ocean to the millions of marine animals killed each year by plastic and more, the problem with plastic pollution is one that needs to be addressed immediately and on multiple fronts. Offering reusable bags to your visitors and customers is a huge step in the right direction as it encourages more people to use these types of bags when shopping rather than relying on plastic bags that only contribute to the problem globally.

8. Reflect Your Values 

As a business owner or manager, you have your own personal values about the state of the planet and the role plastics have to play in that state. By investing in reusable canvas bags, reusable drawstring bags, or reusable laminated bags, you can offer others an opportunity to change their habits, aligning them more closely to your own values, by using your reusable bags.

9. Become a Greener Company

Giving these gifts as swag at your next convention or trade show is your best chance to be a superhero by protecting the planet. Not only does giving out a useful gift leave fewer promotional products destined for the junk heap, giving away a reusable gift that helps to eliminate so many plastic bags in a year, makes it a gift that keeps on giving — at least to the planet. Not only are you protecting the planet by using and gifting reusable bags; you’re also saving marine life. Nearly one million birds, 100,000 turtles, and countless other forms of sea life die each year because they’ve ingested plastic found in the ocean that they confuse with food sources like plankton and jellyfish.

In addition to giving these great bags as swag at your next convention, they are extremely well-suited to help you carry your gear in, out, and around as you visit other booths at the convention. This lets you drum up additional traffic to your booth as you talk up your products while gathering some awesome swag of your own.

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