14 Great Reusable Tote Bag Fundraiser Ideas

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Reusable bags are extremely versatile, which makes the possibilities for fundraising virtually endless. You can sell them outright, use them in concert with another fundraiser, or even create themed gift totes by filling them up with an assortment items. Try brainstorming to come up with a way to use reusable bags that matches your organization’s purpose and vision. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Sell the Bags

Of course we all know the goal is raise your target goal but why not raise even more?

1. Sell reusable grocery bags. If you use reusable grocery tote bags, you know you can never have too many. Sometimes you need to get groceries again before you’ve gotten around to doing the laundry, and sometimes you just want to buy more than will fit in your bags! And because of their low price point and versatility, even people who use paper or plastic for their groceries can be counted on to purchase one or two custom reusable grocery bags to use as a tote. Even better, they’ll have your custom logo!

2. Sell reusable grocery bags in bulk. By packaging reusable grocery bags in groups of ten, you can increase your profits by increasing the average dollar amount of each sale. Since you will be ordering a larger quantity of bags, you’ll get a better price per bag, and you’ll be able to pass that savings on to your customers.

3. Sell trick or treat bags. Reusable grocery bags make great trick or treat bags. Coordinate with local business owners and plan to have the bags in stores a few weeks before Halloween. Parents will pick them up as impulse items if you place them near the registers.

4. Sell other types of reusable bags. Most people think of reusable bags as grocery or market bags, but there are plenty of other types. Reusable drawstring bags, insulated cold/hot bags, and even wine bags can make great fundraisers too.

5. Sell reusable bags at concession stands. People come to athletic events prepared to spend money on snacks during halftime. By setting up a display at the concession stand, you’ll have a chance to get them to add your bag on to their snack orders as an impulse purchase. If you can’t offer the bags through the concession stand, try to set up in a location where people will have to pass by you to get to the concessions.

Combine Reusable Bags with another Fundraiser

Take things a step further and combine it with something else even more creative!

6. Use them as prizes. Many organizations offer prizes to top sellers, especially if there are children doing the selling. Reusable bags make inexpensive low-level prizes to offer to students, scouts, or other young sellers as incentives.

7. Use them as goodie bags. At some fundraising events, participants expect to be given a bag of freebies to take home following the event. Keep the event green by using reusable bags for the goodies.

8. Offer a free reusable bag as an incentive to encourage larger orders. Try offering a free reusable shopping bag printed with your organization’s logo to anyone who buys more than a certain dollar amount or a certain number of items. This can help you increase your sales, whether you’re selling fudge or gift wrap.

9. Have a rummage sale. Ask for clothing donations and sell the clothes for $5 per bag. Provide reusable grocery or tote bags to be used for the sale. Alternatively, you could price the clothing and use the reusable shopping bags to bag up each shopper’s purchases.

10. Use reusable bags to distribute information. When raising money for political purposes or for charity, it’s often necessary to provide potential donors with additional information. Present this information in a reusable bag to demonstrate your commitment to taking care of the environment.

Fill Them Up, Then Sell Them

11. Sell beach totes. Just before summer, try selling reusable tote bags filled with an assortment of items that will come in handy at the beach, such as a beach towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, and flip-flops. Pick a bright, happy design for the tote. You could also offer a child’s version filled with sand toys.

12. Create a spring gardening kit. If you’re raising money for a gardening club or to start a student garden at your school, a gardening kit is a perfect fit. Just fill a reusable tote with an assortment of 10-12 seed packets, a small hand trowel and cultivator, and a pair of gardening gloves.

13. Sell bags of books. For a twist on the annual read-a-thon, ask for donations of books, separate them by genre, and put five or six books in each bag. Then host a book sale and sell them for $5 per bag.

14. Assemble your own first aid kits. Pack a reusable bag with bandages, gauze, antibiotic cream, alcohol wipes, cold packs, and other items that will come in handy in a medical emergency, then sell the kits.

You can create a custom wholesale printed gift bag to fit just about any theme, so think about why you are raising money and try to come up with a reusable bag fundraiser that will not only help fund your organization but also provide an easy way to raise awareness of the program at the same time.

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