At, we offer a variety of bulk wholesale non woven bags to suit a wide range of business promotional needs. Whether you’re in search of our most popular non woven tote bag such as the X-Large Trade Show/Retail Bag or the The Original Standard Grocery, you can find it and have it custom printed here. The following list showcases our most popular selling custom non woven tote bags. Have a look and request a price quote on your ideal bag.

Custom printed bags receive an average of 5,938 impressions each throughout their use (PPAI Study).


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More About Custom Wholesale Non Woven Bags & Totes

Custom Non Woven Totes & Bags

Unless you’ve been living under a rock on a remote mountaintop for the last decade, you’ve seen non-woven bags and totes. They’re available at almost all grocery stores, at farmer’s markets and artisanal shops, and even at schools, universities and large companies. Who doesn’t love a nice reusable non woven bag with a bright, fun logo, after all?

But did you know that branded non woven eco friendly bags & totes can do a lot for you too? Not only do they bring in foot traffic and turn prospects into customers, they can keep you front and center in your existing customers’ minds. Plus, non woven polypropylene bags and totes are one of our hugest lines in terms of selection. We have dozens of different colors, shapes and styles, so no matter what your business calls for, you’ll find it here.

Handy Partitioning for Easy Carrying

There are many available options when it comes to non woven bag and tote types, but one aspect many lack is the ability to divide up the non-woven bag to keep bottles and other breakables safe. We’ve solved that problem. Polypropylene non-woven bags keep their shape so well and many of our styles come with partitions, allowing your customers to segment the custom non woven bag and carry multiple bottles all at once, without wrapping them or worrying that they might come to harm.

Consider the 4 Bottle Sundowner Wine Totes, for instance, which enable people to carry four different bottles. Perhaps they’re just bringing home their favorite brand of red wine (hopefully yours!), or maybe they’re bringing a selection to a party. Either way, they can set the custom non woven bag in the trunk, securely upright, and trust that all will be as they left it upon arrival.

Or you might give your customers the option of the Logo-Max 6 Bottle Tote w/ Movable Dividers. That way, when they need to cart six whole bottles around, they’ve got the space to do it. Alternatively, maybe they’re just bringing a bottle or two, and want the rest of that space for groceries or a picnic blanket. In that case, some of the dividers are removable, opening up the rest of the custom non woven bag for alternative uses.

Branded Impressions for the Win

But partitioning, while nifty, is far from the best part of non woven polypropylene bags. That honor probably goes to the fact that each non woven reusable bag earns thousands of brand impressions: more than 5,700, to be exact. This is a higher rate than any other marketing product in the United States. And considering that 34 percent of consumers have reusable bags, that’s a pretty big number of people who might whip out your custom non woven bag and show it off to potential customers.

There’s no end to the situations in which this might occur, either. Your customers will use your custom wholesale non woven bags at the grocery store, at other shops, on picnics and trips. They store them inside, give gifts in them and use them at big box stores or the seaside. No matter where they are, prospective eyeballs will land on them and gain that much exposure to your brand. Even if you’re a local shop, if you have online offerings then this advertising is good anywhere in the country. How’s that for marketing affordability?

Oh, and then there’s the fact that this truly is an affordable marketing approach, at only $1 per thousand impressions. There’s no way you would get an ROI anywhere near that with other marketing tactics, so why wait to put this one to use?

An Earth-Friendly Approach

Also high on the scale of benefits is the environmental friendliness of your customized non woven bags. Because they’re reusable and made of polypropylene, they withstand many rigors that ordinary custom non woven bags do not. That means every time your customer goes into a store, they can pull out your custom non woven bag rather than resorting to the standard paper or plastic at the shop.

Studies show that customers prefer to do business with companies they see as caring about the environment, so right there you’re upping the chances of earning lifelong loyalty from your devoted shoppers. Our custom reusable shopping bags are a big hit! Plus, most people care about the environment for its own sake, and this is a great way for you to do your part. Next time you’re wondering what cause to partake of, just order a few more reusable non woven bags and you’ll check off your do-gooding for the month!

Decorate Like a Pro

No one wants to visit a shop that looks grubby or sparse. You already know that in order to best please your customers, your winery, tasting room, brew pub or artisanal shop needs to be bright, classy and well-kept. In addition to simple cleanliness, though, it’s critical that you spend the time necessary to make your shop as appealing as possible. Some people take a whimsical approach of fresh flowers or fairy lights, while others like bright rugs on the floor and cozy throw cushions.

You can use any aesthetic, but the bottom line is that your branded collateral must be highly visible amongst the other décor. Luckily, wholesale non woven bags can function as both branding and cheerful accoutrements that make being in your establishment a pleasant experience for customers.

Some businesses like to stack their bulk non woven tote bags at the front register, or place them on the floor next to it. You can arrange bulk non woven bags inside of other bags to keep them all in one place and make an attractive centerpiece to a table or window display. Or you can arrange bottles, flowers or quirky elements (maybe an umbrella?) inside them to catch customers’ attention.

Of course, that’s just the beginning. Nothing pleases us more than helping our customers make the right choices for their business, and we’re happy to help you brainstorm fun ideas that will make your business pop and keep those customers coming back for more. All you have to do is call or email, and we’ll get your free quote going today. Alternatively, feel free to peruse and order right away. We can’t wait to help however we can.

Brilliant Idea?

Have you ever considered a custom tote bag made from laminated woven material?

The marketing advantages of a 100% custom laminated bag surpasses that of standard non woven polypropylene bags tenfold!  The marketing advantages of using laminated style bags is substantial:

  • They have your name/brand on them
  • People reuse them many times
  • They are EXTREMELY durable
  • 100% bleed offers you the ability to really make your bag POP!

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