Custom printed bags receive an average of 5,938 impressions each throughout their use (PPAI Study).

There are custom printed bags, then there are custom printed bags. So ask yourself, does your business, organization or brand really want to make a bold statement? If you want to build a powerful brand identity and stand out in a crowd, you will want to order a custom laminated reusable tote bag. This wholesale laminated shopping bags bag offers 100% full-color bleeds for the ability to really make it POP!

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More About Custom Wholesale Laminated Bags & Totes

About Laminated Bags and Totes

Laminated bags and totes offer countless advertising opportunities. They're advertisements your clients and customers will take with them everywhere they go. Reusable laminated tote bags can be used as grocery shopping bags, gym bags, picnic totes, and even travel bags.

At Reuse This Bag, many of our laminated totes offer 100-percent full color printing, allowing you to advertise on all sides of your bag in any color scheme you please. Sure, traditional plastic or paper bags get the job done, but custom laminated bags can carry your brand, logo, and positive impression around the country or even around the globe.

The Benefits of Reusable Laminated Bags

Custom laminated totes offer countless perks, from their numerous uses to their environmentally-friendly impact, and their cost-effective advertising opportunities.

First and foremost, reusable laminated bags are built to last. This means your customers and clients can use them day after day, year after year. Your customers will appreciate having a durable carry-all bag, and you'll enjoy the benefits of your logo and message being seen everywhere your bag travels. A single laminated bag can be seen by hundreds of people in a single day, and it continues advertising for you everywhere it goes, day and night.

Clients and customers will also appreciate that your company values the environment. Every laminated bag takes the place of numerous single-use plastic bags, keeping them out of our landfills, oceans, forests, and more. Knowing that your company is doing its part to improve the environment can cause potential clients to choose your brand over the competition.

Types of Custom Laminated Bags

At Reuse This Bag, we offer a variety of custom laminated bags to serve a number of purposes. Large laminated shopping bags, small reusable gift bags, farmers market bags, beach bags -- you'll find them all right here for the industry's most affordable prices.

The following are some of our most popular laminated bag options:

  • Recycled Plastic Laminated Beach Bag: Beach lovers will appreciate the large size of this beach bag and that it's made out of recycled plastic. They can feel good about taking this durable bag to the beach knowing that they won't be contributing to the abundance of single-use plastic bags found on our beaches and in our oceans.
  • Laminated rPET from Recycled Plastic: Another recycled plastic option, this Laminated rPET bag serves countless uses, making it one of our most popular items. The durable construction allows it to endure countless trips to the grocery store, park, gym and beyond. Full-color printing means your advertisement can be placed on all sides.
  • Laminated Reusable Gift Bags: Our Reuse This Bag laminated reusable gift bags are the best option for your retail store. Your customers are guaranteed to reuse these bags and gift them to others time and time again, ensuring your advertisement is seen far and wide. Affordable pricing makes this an ideal advertising opportunity for your shop.
  • Double Delight Laminated Bag: This tall laminated bag is ideal for bottles of wine or any taller items. The polypropylene material is ultra-durable and can be customized on all sides. Your brand and message are guaranteed to stand out on this smooth, entirely customizable bag.
  • Laminated Gloss Designer w/Insert: This ultra-durable bag is designed to resist tears, water, UV rays and more. It's arguably the most durable laminated bag we offer. Even more, the laminated gloss material provides a unique look that is always eye-catching.

Browse our complete selection of custom laminated reusable bags above to find all shapes and sizes of bags. You're guaranteed to find one that's made for your needs.

Order Your Laminated Bags Now

There's no better time than now to order your custom laminated totes and start advertising your brand everywhere your clients go. Here, you'll find the best prices on the highest-quality custom printed products, so you don't have to look anywhere else.

Contact us now to find out about our unbeatable wholesale pricing and to start creating your custom laminated bags today.

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