Custom printed bags receive an average of 5,938 impressions each throughout their use (PPAI Study).

At, we offer a variety of bulk wholesale reusable insulated cooler bags and totes to suit a wide range of business needs both on the cheap and high end. Whether you’re in search of our cheapest reusable insulated bag such as the Reusable Lunch Bag made with a durable non woven material, or ones made of polyester or nylon, you can find it and have it custom printed here. The following list showcases our most popular selling reusable insulated bags. Have a look and request a price quote on your ideal insulated bag today.


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More About Custom Insulated Cooler Bags & Totes

About Reusable Insulated Grocery Bags and Totes

Insulated bags serve countless purposes. They're used for grocery shopping, packing a lunch for school or work, enjoying a picnic, keeping drinks cool at the gym and so much more. A custom reusable insulated bag is one your clients will use time and time again, taking your advertisement with them everywhere they go.

Reusable insulated bags with your business name, logo or message printed on them are constantly working for you. Your clients and customers will love their top-quality, durable insulated bags so much, you'll see them used across town and even around the world.

Choose custom insulated tote bags from Reuse This Bag, and you and your clients will enjoy long-lasting bags that advertise your product everywhere they go, year after year. Custom printed insulated tote bags are some of the most affordable, useful and effective advertising options available.

Types of Custom Insulated Grocery Tote Bags

At Reuse This Bag, we offer a variety of top-quality insulated bags at numerous price points. Whether you're looking for a simple insulated snack bag or a full 12-pack cooler with collapsible cube, you'll find exactly the bag you're seeking for the best price in the industry.

The following are several of our most popular insulated tote bags:

  • Insulated Reusable Non-Woven Lunch Bag: This simple yet quality non-woven lunch bag is one of the most affordable options we offer.  It's an insulated bag with Velcro closure and poly board insert. One-color printing on one side is included in the price.
  • 6 Pack Lunch Cooler: This 6 Pack Lunch Cooler is guaranteed to make an impression on your clients and customers. It's a top-quality insulated bag that's heat sealed and offers a sleeve for holding your ice pack or other accessories. The two-tone color options make this cooler and your logo more visible.
  • Super Snack Small: There's no better option than the Super Snack Small when you need a lot of bags for an affordable price. Choose from a variety of vibrant colors to ensure your brand name or logo are noticed immediately. This bag is ideal office worker lunches, school trips and countless other uses.
  • Center Divider Lunch Cooler Bag: This Center Divider Lunch Cooler Bag is one that will show you care about your clients. The durable constructions means this bag is ready to endure years of use, taking your name and logo with it everywhere it goes. Fun colors and a variety of print options make this one of our most eye-catching options.
  • 12-Pack Cooler Plus Collapsible Cube: Your clients and customers will thank you for this unbeatable 12-pack cooler. This is a unique an ultra-useful bag, which features a padded collapsible compartment and an attached, heavily-insulated cooler that can hold up to 16 cans. It's the ideal bag for game day, picnics and so much more.

Beneficial for the Environment

Reusable insulated grocery bags are an environmentally-friendly advertising option. Whether you're using them for lunches, picnics, or grocery shopping, insulated bags help keep single-use plastic bags out of landfills and oceans. Your clients and potential clients will appreciate that you care about the environment, giving you the competitive edge.

Create and Order Your Reusable Insulated Bags 

Your advertising dollars start working for you as soon as your insulated bags reach the hands of clients. At Reuse This Bag, we work hard to offer the most affordable reusable grocery wholesale prices in the industry, so you get the most bang for your advertising buck.

There's no better way to show you care about your customers and the environment than with custom reusable insulated bags. Contact us today to start creating your eye-catching reusable insulated shopping bags, and we'll begin the printing and manufacturing processes immediately.

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