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Woven Polypropylene Bags

Prime among these is the woven polypropylene variety. Offering unprecedented vibrance, durability and class, these are among the best sellers – and the best marketing tools – on the market today. See our style selection here but keep in mind, these amazing woven bags are completely customized with your artwork, no two bags are ever alike!

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Woven Bags & Totes

Every looked over in the checkout line and thought to yourself, “Hey, that’s a nice bag?” We know you have; with nearly 6,000 impressions per bag, we all see them every day. Whether they’re stacked in our own cars and closets, tossed in a cart at the grocery store or holding a picnic within their spacious insides, bags are a regular part of everyday life.

The question, though, isn’t whether we see them a lot. The question is what makes a bag appealing. When you note a bag consciously (as opposed to all the passive glances we take on the daily), why do you note it? Is it the quality construction? Is it bright colors? Is it a particularly good logo, printed with particular clarity?

If you’re wondering where this is going, let’s clarify: As a person, you don’t really care what a bag looks like. For the most part, so long as it works, it’s good. As a business owner, however, the case is very different. You need people to like your bags. You want them to form an attachment, to pull them out before the others. You want others to notice them, whether due to their construction, color or design.

That’s where the right bags come in. Prime among these is the woven polypropylene variety. Offering unprecedented vibrance, durability and class, these are among the best sellers – and the best marketing tools – on the market today.

Bag Marketing: The Best Option Out There

Before we talk about woven polypropylene in particular, let’s talk about bags in general. You may not know that “In the U.S., bags generated the most impressions – almost 6,000!” says Branding Beat. “Bags show off your brand to a ton of people because they’re used both frequently and in high-traffic public places.”

While there exist plenty of other good marketing tools – from billboards to tee shirts to caps – none of these even come close to the marketing power of bags. Per dollar, they earn 1,000 impressions. That’s compared to 500 for writing utensils and billboards, 333 for calendars, 200 for shirts and primetime cable, and a mere 17 for radio spots. Newspapers and national magazines aren’t much better than radio.

What does that tell you? That a lot of the traditional marketing forms are dead. It’s time to move on, and bags are an excellent way to do that.

A Greener Bag Today

Bags have a significant number of environmental benefits in their favor. These include:

  • They’re long-lasting, at least when well-made. Durable construction and high-quality materials mean they’ll keep trucking for months and usually even years. That means you paid a few dollars for a bag that’s going to keep marketing for years, without you ever having to pay another dollar, while simultaneously reducing the impact of plastic on the environment.
  • They don’t contribute to ocean pollution. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, for instance, “covers an estimated surface area of 1.6 million square kilometers, an area twice the size of Texas or three times the size of France.” It’s only one of five oceanic garbage patches in the world today, a result of the estimated “1.15 to 2.41 million tonnes of plastic [that] are entering the ocean each year from rivers.” When you buy reusable bags for your customers, you help fight that problem.
  • This in turn engenders another benefit, which is that your business gets a nice, shiny green glow. Customers appreciate the opportunity to save plastic and other virgin resources, as well as keep plastic out of waterways and landfill. When you offer such an option to your peeps, they’re likelier to want to work with or purchase from you – even if they don’t know why.
  • You get to feel good about your business. Here’s one way you can offset your carbon footprint, taking responsibility for your role in the environment and its healing. Just by making the choice, you’re taking a stand for the health of our planet.

So that’s a lot of benefits … but what types of bags should you choose?

Bags and Totes and More, Oh My!

First up, to carry those environmental benefits just a bit further, consider the rPET Bag from Recycled Plastic Materials. Not only is it made with post-consumer content, it is brightly colored, offers full-color printing and you can choose your own piping color. With custom sizing and plastic inserts available, it’s the perfect way to combine convenience and sustainability for your customers.

The Double Delight Woven bag also offers serious benefits. It’s perfect for two wine bottles, making it an ideal choice for wine shops, breweries, kombucha purveyors and cold brew artisans. With soft-touch handles for carrying comfort, vibrant printing, clear lettering and an eye-catching shape, you can be sure this bag will market for you effectively.

Looking for a high-end option? The Metallic Gloss Designer w/ Patterned Finish does the trick. Its thick glossy coat ensures not only a glitzy look for fancy retailers, but also that it will last a long time. With a sleek one-color design, layered with a one-color logo, you’re sure to appeal to a huge variety of clients and customers. If you’re hoping to take your clothing outlet, candle supplier or giftshop to the next level, this glossy bag is the way to do it.

Those aren’t your only options, of course. You can also choose among bags such as the Gloss Laminated Designer Grocery w/Insert, the Laminated 100% Recycled P.E.T. Grocery bag or an all-around useful Woven Grocery, Retail, or Trade Show Bag. If that still doesn’t do the trick, we offer a huge variety of other choices, including:

  • Jute bags and totes
  • Nylon and vinyl bags
  • Insulated cooler bags
  • Kraft and paper bags
  • Ripstop and tee shirt bags
  • Laminated bags
  • Tradeshow and convention bags and totes
  • Wine and beer bags
  • Drawstring bags
  • Messenger bags
  • Gift bags and totes
  • Classic cotton and canvas bags
  • Folding bags
  • Bags made right here in the USA

Use these on their own or, even better for your marketing results, in combination with our woven polypropylene bags. There are so many ways to tackle your marketing plan, and with a number of bags at your disposal, they’re easier than ever to access.

How to Market with Branded Bags and Totes

Now that you have your bag choices in hand (something we can help you with if you need; see below), it’s time to implement them in your marketing plan. Whether you already have a plan or need to design one, we can help. We recommend starting with only one or two bag options so you don’t overwhelm yourself. Then you can pursue ideas such as:

  1. Stocking your register with them if you’re a retail shop
  2. Planning client gifts if you’re a professional
  3. Creating beautiful displays using bags stuffed with your merchandise, with food items, clothing samples and more
  4. Giving away bags for free with a large enough purchase or at events such as trade shows
  5. Selling bags to customers for cost or a slight markup (a nice way to make a little extra while helping the world)

If you have other questions about how to use bags to your fullest advantage, our friendly team is always here to help!

Get Started with Your Bag Marketing Plan

Ready to get started marketing your business through branded bags? We invite you to get in touch with us here at Reusable Promos today. One of our friendly team members would be happy to walk you through the ordering process, make recommendations for the best marketing strategies and get you started with your new bags today. All you have to do is call 877.334.5323 toll-free to speak with an account rep now! So don’t wait; pick up the phone and start building your business NOW.


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