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Reusable Retail Bags

They don’t even realize it, but every time their sight passes by one of your cheerful promotional bags – hanging by the registers or artfully arranged on shelves – they become more likely to fall in love with your brand and buy your products.

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Custom Retail Bags & Totes

Close your eyes and picture it: A customer walks into your shop and is greeted by a selection of your finest items arranged on tables in the center of the table. Their eyes scan the room, taking in the accessories and small delicacies you’ve laid out in the corners, on the walls and in the window display.

They don’t even realize it, but every time their sight passes by one of your cheerful promotional bags – hanging by the registers or artfully arranged on shelves – they become more likely to fall in love with your brand and buy your products.

Not your business model? Okay, try this instead: Your best customer opens their office door to a knock and finds a cute branded bag packed to the gills with wine bottles, sweets, a baguette and cheese, and perhaps a gift certificate or two. It will take a lot of dedication to finding a new service provider for them to become willing to part with such awesome loyalty efforts!

What do these approaches have in common? They both have branded bags at the heart of the marketing effort. Not only do bags make a splash right at the beginning, when your customer purchases one or your client recieves a gift, but they keep giving time after time. These environmentally friendly, marketing-savvy, endlessly customizable products are the absolute best way to build your brand, as you shall soon see.

Retail Bags and Totes to Serve Your Every Purpose

First and foremost, retail bags and totes are completely flexible. You can customize them to every look and feel, every color, every use and to match every occasion. Some of our favorite categories include:

  • Simple sak with stitched seams and gussets for extra carrying capacity, a smaller bag that’s perfect for a lunch or a picnic out
  • Laminated bags that withstand the test of time
  • Standard grocery bags that can be printed with a range of logo designs and colors
  • Non-woven grocery bags perfect for grocery store trips
  • Textured embossed single bottle wine bags
  • Basic polyester totes, which are super strong and very cost-effective, ideal for ordering in bulk to stock retail or beverage shops
  • Simple grocery, retail and trade bag styles
  • Bags with grommets around handles for extra-long-lasting wearability
  • Die cut handle bags
  • Natural kraft shopping bags, made of sturdy paper with handles that won’t rip like traditional bags
  • Coffee bags with and without windows
  • All-natural jute and burlap book bag, which is just the right size for carrying 1-10 books out of a fave book shop (okay, so the 10 would take a little doing, but that’s what two bags are for)
  • Laminated Eurotote bags, which are endlessly reusable with their strong paper base and sturdy handles
  • Jute tote bags, which stand up to heavy wear and tear and beach trips

With so many choices on offer, you obviously don’t have to work very hard to find the one that fits your needs. But just how do you design the perfect bag?

How to Design the Perfect Bag

If you’re new at bag design, sit back and relax. There are no special skills involved, especially with our expert team at your back. The process is quite simple really.

It starts with picking a bag you like. If you run a grocery store or want to give client gift baskets, you should opt for bags with sturdy bases and square shapes, the better for holding lots of goods upright. On the other hand, small clothing boutiques or wine shops are better off with less bulky tailored bags.

Once you find a style you like, it’s time to decide on color. Do you prefer light printing on a dark background, or dark tones on a light background? Perhaps you’d prefer bright hues to fit with an equally colorful business model? Whatever the case, your bag manufacture should offer a range of printing processes flexible enough to accommodate your needs.

Next, it’s time to send in your artwork. Once we have your logo, store name, taglines and whatever else you want to include, we can print up and deliver those bags within 5-7 business days. The result? Immediate marketing for your shop or business. Speaking of marketing …

Marketing Power Squared

It might surprise you to learn that bags are the absolute best bang for your buck when it comes to promotional items. Not only do they deliver an average of 6,000 impressions in your lifetime, but they stack up quite impressively against other promotional items.

Consider billboards and writing utensils, for instance, which only deliver 500 impressions for each marketing dollar spent. Or tee shirts, which boast a mere 200 impressions per dollar and quickly get lost in people’s closets before they can truly gain marketing momentum. Even primetime cable only offers 200 impressions per dollar, while newspapers, magazines and radio are all under 50. Radio is only 17. That’s a shocking waste of marketing dollars, when you could instead put them to use to gain more than 50 times as many views.

How do custom promotional reusable bags get so much notice? Because people actually use them, and they do so all the time. Think about your own shopping habits. When you arrive at a grocery store, what’s the first thing you do? Pop the trunk and pull out those reusable bags, right? You and everyone else flash those babies all the way into the store, as you wheel your cart up and down the aisles and when you’re checking out.

While other people might not know its happening, they’re seeing your logo flash by, and it’s working branded magic on them before you even meet. Studies indicate it takes around a dozen touches for someone to get up the momentum to buy your product or pay for your service, and bags give you a major head start out in the world.

The choice is clear from a marketing standpoint. But what about the environmental vantage point?

Environmentally Conscious Choices for the Win

Everyone and their favorite cat has now joined the green revolution. If it isn’t sustainable, we’re more suspicious of it. This mindset has percolated to every level of society, and when given the choice, people will opt for the one that helps the environment.

Good news: that’s reusable bags in a nutshell. These last an average of months to years as opposed to only days or weeks. Compare that to plastic bags, which are constantly discarded by people who have only used them once. We use 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags every year, and although the number of bags we use is slowly shrinking, the problem is still very much with us.

Think paper bags are a bit better? Think again. While paper does biodegrade given the right conditions, those conditions are sorely lacking in landfills. There, paper doesn’t have the air or microbial activity to break down properly. Instead, it rots and releases noxious greenhouse gases, adding to Global Climate change even more than plastic bags. What gives?

The choice, when you consider the environmental factors at play, is clear.

Start Designing Your New Bag with Expert Help NOW

Had enough reading and ready to start doing? Please feel free to get in touch with one of our expert customer service reps at any time. We’ll help you sort out the details, including what kind of bag you need, what printing process you prefer, whether you want a variety of colors or bag styles, what you’ll use them for, purchase amounts and pricing, and more.

Get in touch with us when you’re ready by calling 877.334.5323 to speak to an account rep. Our friendly staff will walk you through the process from start to finish, and your new bags will hit your doorstep in only a matter of days. Market more effectively today by calling now!


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