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Messenger Bags & Totes

Giving your clients and customers something to remember you by is an awesome way to increase your public visibility and reap the rewards of free marketing.

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About Messenger Bags & Totes

Giving your clients and customers something to remember you by is an awesome way to increase your public visibility and reap the rewards of free marketing.

We’re not talking just word of mouth – although branded bags certainly encourage that as well. We’re also talking the awesome perks of visual marketing that come with branded bags, especially our excellently crafted options. Made with durable materials, printed with precision and replete with options made right here in the USA, you’re bound to love our bags – and so are your right people.

Before you can understand the awesome power of bags, though, we need to take a look at the numbers that back up their awesomeness, as well as the many ways you can enjoy your branded messenger bags to the fullest.

Running the Numbers: Branded Bags in Public

 Advertising has bedeviled entrepreneurs and companies since the Stone Age. It’s a question lost in the mists of time: How do you convince someone to buy your product over someone else’s? How can you distinguish yourself in a world rife with everyone crying their wares and shouting their message?

Simple answer: Use only those advertising methods that get the best results.

Many marketing methods are pretty expensive. For instance, says Branding Beat, “one research study notes that the cost of CPMs – the cost per thousand impressions [for online advertising campaigns] – is on the rise, from $3.17 in 2012 to a projected $6.64 in 2017.” Plus, they add, “Where TV and magazine ads both cost 1.8 cents per impression, ad specialties (promo products) cost an average of .6 cents per impression.”

As you can see, that’s a big-time break over media ads, both traditional and digital. Moreover, if you opt for the right promotional products, you can glean even more savings. According to the same source, writing utensils get 500 impressions per dollar, whereas calendars get 333 and shirts get 200. Office accessories get only 125 per dollar, and all media ads are 500 or lower (including ubiquitous billboards).

Know who pulls out in front? If your answer is “bags,” then congratulations: You’ve been paying attention. They win handily with a full 1,000 impressions per dollar spent, which blows away the nearest competition by 200 percent. Considering how affordable bags are, and the fact that they can expect to get nearly 6,000 impressions in a lifetime, they’re a no-brainer.

That’s before you even consider the long-lasting durability of messenger bags and the fact that they’re much likelier than your average paper tote to stand the test of time. So just how can you put messenger bags to work for you, you’re wondering? Let’s take a look at the myriad styles and uses now.

Style, Style, Who’s Got the Style?

There are so many uses for a messenger bag. That easy fold-down top makes these ideal for a range of outings, events, thank-you gifts and even plain ol’ errands.

Our messenger bags are made of quality materials that help you lug heavy loads without straining the fabric (or your bag, thanks to those handy cross the shoulder straps). Here are just a few of our customers’ favorite ways messenger bags shine, from their many purposes to their awesome benefits.

  • Reusable Grocery Bags: Everyone loves a good tote to, well, tote with them to the store. Packing in those heavy bottles and bags of gluten-free flour is a lot easier when you have a strong, well-made sac in which to do it.
  • Cotton Totes: Cotton bags make great companions on drives, trips to the grocery store, checking out the sights on vacation or just palling around in your hometown. The great thing about cotton bags is how well your logo shows up, so anyone sporting it is giving you free, awesome advertising.
  • Wine/Beer Bags: Again, when you’re lugging around those bottles, you need a strong tote to help you out. Our strongly constructed polyester and nylon bags put the staying power of plastic with the appearance of cloth to work for you. Opt for a taller messenger bag so you can stack those bottles upright (or check out our huge selection of bags designed expressly for that purpose).
  • Tradeshow/Convention Bags: When you’re headed to a conference or other event, you want to look your best. A braded tote that boasts your logo and your quality at the same time is the way to go.
  • rPET Recycled Plastic Bags: Going for that environmental feel? Clients, customers, prospects, business partners and vendors all love to feel like they’re taking the greenest approach. When your branded bags are composed of recycled fibers, it’s easy to make them feel that way … and win big.
  • Laptop Bag: Whether you’re traveling to the nearest coffee shop or the farthest country, laptop messenger bags make it easy. With handy compartments to stow smaller items – think pens, USB drives or passports – as well as larger pockets for computers and chargers, you’ll have no trouble stacking all your goods inside.
  • Briefcase: Want an easy-open satchel that makes it equally easy to whip out presentation documents and breeze through security? Our messenger bags do just that, making them the perfect gift for awesome employees, valued clients or business partners.
  • Food Service Bags: Many of our options have flat bottoms and durable straps that make them perfect for a picnic or toting beer. They’re ideal for company retreats, days at the beach or charity field days.
  • Gym Bags: Many of our options have are large enough to stick in a yoga mat, running shoes or several changes of clothes. They make particularly good gifts for fitness companies or anyone leveraging the benefits of a health incentive plan at work.

Of course, choosing a style isn’t quite enough. You also have to take the time to optimize your bag for picture-perfect results.

How to Plan a Perfect Messenger Bag

The best thing about reliable reusable bag companies such as ReuseThisBag is their huge variety of options. They are customizable in many ways, including:

  • Color: Most of our messengers look best in subdued colors such as black, blue and gray. This helps them show off your seriousness and quality. Many products have more than one option.
  • Logo Printing: Whether you want a single-color logo that coordinates with the color of the bag’s fabric or a brightly multi-colored version, you’ll get crisp, clear results from our printing processes.
  • Shape: Some bags are better for groceries and other sundries, whereas others have the right shape to keep a laptop snug and safe on the go.
  • Adjustable straps: Looking for a single strap or a bag that also comes with a top handle? We offer both, which makes our messenger bags even more versatile.
  • Compartments: Internal and external compartments make it easy to carry pens, notebooks, water bottles and more on your journey to and from work, events or vacation. You can choose the best configuration depending on what you think your clients and customers will love most.

Knowing all the options is only half the battle, of course. Now it’s time to put your choices together and craft the perfect bag. Our friendly representatives will talk you through bag options, then help you select fabric shade and logo hues that best complement your brand and theme. From there, it’s a simple matter of reviewing the resulting design and waiting a week or so for your new bags to land on your doorstep! Not so hard, right?

If you’d like to learn more about your options for reusable bags, we invite you to get in touch with us today. Call 877.334.5323 to speak with an account rep free of charge, learn more about pricing and design options, and get a free quote for your project. Why wait when you could launch your failproof marketing plan today?


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