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Why Wineries Owe it to Themselves to Switch to Reusable Wine Totes

Wineries and tasting rooms lend themselves to an air of sophistication. Even those which are casual, with humble surroundings give people a feeling of elite. Yet, when customers purchase their choice of wine without benefit of reusable bags, they may as well be carrying it out in a jug on their head. That pretty much destroys that air of sophistication.

Paper and plastic bags, as well as cardboard boxes are the norm in far too many wineries when it comes to packaging options. Reusable wine bags are far too easily obtained these days for this to be the continuing norm. Whether the customer buys one bottle, or several, there is a reusable bag option that could replace those clunky boxes or environmentally unfriendly plastic bags. There are 1, 2, 4, and 6 bottle reusable bags which offer a much better solution.

Wineries and tasting rooms which offer the reusable wine bags are saying several things to the customer without even speaking a word. They are saying that they care about the environment. They are saying they are not going to add to the 5 trillion plastic bags used worldwide each and every year. The Winery or tasting room is also saying they care about the customer. Regardless, if it is a retail store, winery, or liquor store, no one wants to haul out a bulky, uncomfortable cardboard box, or several paper bag wrappers shoved into a plastic bag or bags.

Reusable wine bags also show that the business is taking responsibility both fiscally and environmentally. People are willing to pay a small amount for the ability to purchase reusable bags. This not only equals a small profit, but free advertising. That seems a much preferable method of packaging than a white plastic bag which proclaims “Thank You”. Also, if a winery offers a discount for filling say, a 6 bottle reusable bag, the winery increases sales and the customer is happy. To add, the business is also saving money by not having to buy the paper and plastic bags any longer.

Imagine the customer; sampling the finest the winery has to offer. Perhaps there is some soft music playing in the background. The valued customer decides on a purchase, pays, and is suddenly handed a bulky, heavy cardboard box in which to carry their purchase to the car. Suddenly, that soft music becomes the screech of a needle across the record. Not very elegant, is it? It’s not very practical either. Reusable bags and wine bags benefit both the business and the customer. There is everything to gain, and nothing to lose by their use.

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