Reusing Plastic Bags for Fun Crafts

Plastic grocery bags can be a convenient way to tote items home from the store. However, these single-use bags frequently end up as flyaway litter, speckling trees and shrubs throughout the countryside. If these bags get mixed up in storm drains, they enter waterways. This can place them into rivers and even oceans eventually. In the oceans, plastic bags cause harm to sea creatures who mistakenly think they are food. Plastic grocery bags are not always recyclable at all types of facilities. A better alternative might be to upcycle them into stylish and practical items you can use around the home.

Plastic Flowers

While fresh flowers can be a lovely addition to the home, artificial flowers stay beautiful indefinitely. Choose colorful plastic bags to use for a flower-making project. Gather basic materials such as floral wire, floral tape, and wire cutters to make full flowers with vibrant-looking petals. When you finish, fill a vase with the upcycled bouquet.

Gift Bows

When it’s time to wrap a holiday or birthday gift, resist the urge to follow tradition. You can save money and reuse plastic bags if you use them to make gift bows. The bows can be virtually any color, depending on the color of the bags. You can even make a puffy pompom with streamers attached to it for a beautiful addition to a gift package.


Wreaths that adorn entryways tend to have a high price tag. Save money and reduce waste by using plastic bags to make an attractive wreath. You can make wreaths with different holiday themes, such as Halloween and Christmas. The wreath can match your exterior home colors as well.


Coasters are helpful tools for preventing unsightly water marks on tables. While you could purchase ready-made coasters, making them is fast and easy. The process of making “plarn” is the first step in making some types of plastic coasters. “Plarn” is the term used to describe plastic yarn, which is made out of plastic grocery bags. To make plarn, you must cut plastic grocery bags into strips and fuse the strips together to make a long length. After rolling the plarn into a ball, you will be ready to knit or crochet it into cute coasters for the coffee table.


To fly successfully, kites need to be light in weight. Plastic grocery bags make ideal kite material because they are lightweight. It’s possible to make the body of a kite out of paper bags attached to a frame. You can also make the kite body out of another material, such as paper, and then use plastic grocery bags cut into strips for the kite tails.

Jump Rope

A jump rope must be made out of sturdy material. Plarn is an ideal material to use for making a jump rope. To make a thick jump rope, many projects specify braiding many separate strands of plarn. After braiding the strips to make a jump rope of the desired length, use duct tape to finish the ends and to make comfortable handles.

Friendship Bracelets

Trading friendship bracelets with friends is a popular activity among youngsters. While these bracelets are traditionally made out of embroidery floss or ribbons, it’s also possible to make them with plastic bags cut into narrow strips. Experiment with different techniques, such as sliding beads onto the lengths of plastic to add special decorations to the bracelets.

Plarn Sandals

The options for creating with plarn are seemingly endless. It’s even possible to make plarn sandals for inexpensive yet stylish footwear. Choose bags in the color or colors you wish to have for the sandals, and then make the plarn. After making enough plarn to complete the project, crochet the sandals.

Douglas Lober

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