Markets Win Both Ways with Cheap Reusable Bags

Eco-friendly businesses often face a dilemma: They want to encourage shoppers to use reusable shopping bags to reduce their impact on the environment, but these bags can sometimes be expensive. To make it easier to convince shoppers to make the switch, market owners can buy cheap reusable bags in bulk and give them to their customers.

That's right. Give them away. Why should you do that? Here are two good reasons:

1. They're cheap in bulk.

Sure, if you're buying one or two reusable bags at retail like most of your customers are accustomed to doing, they can be expensive. But you are a business owner, and you have a marketing budget. Use some of that budget to buy some cheap reusable bags—printed with your name and logo, of course! Your customers will not only be encouraged to switch, but they'll walk around advertising your business for months.

Cheap reusable bags are a good investment because they keep your name in front of your customers. Every time they use the bag—even if it's not for shopping—they'll at least subconsciously be aware that it's your bag, and they'll think about your business next time they need something.

2. They raise awareness among your customers.

Providing free reusable bags to your customers makes them think about environmental issues at least briefly. Every bag you give away makes the world a little bit more environmentally-friendly, and that's a very good thing.

By giving away cheap reusable bags, you increase awareness of environmental issues. Some companies even have environmental slogans printed on their bags along with their logos. This is a great way to get people thinking about how else they can help save the planet.

You Win, and the Earth Wins Too

When you give away cheap reusable bags, you're not the only one who wins: The earth wins too, because there is less plastic being dumped in landfills. That's something your customers will be pleased to be a part of.

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