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School Fundraising Ideas

Outside of our obvious customers from the grocery and market industries, we have a close race for second place between churches and you, the school! In fact, schools and school groups are tied for second place with churches in using our great fundraising ideas for schools. Because of this, we felt we needed to build you a special page and say thank you for all of your support over the years! Thank you!

Plain and simple, the reusable bag school fundraiser is a great way to make money, and your venue is like no other. You have lots of kids to help sell the custom bags, and you have an equal amount of parents to help promote and buy the bags. To be honest, a reusable bag fundraiser is the creative school fundraising idea built just for you. It is one of the best school fundraiser ideas you can choose: Everyone loves to have a promotional tote for their school!

As stated on our churches page, it is hard for anyone to match the $1 per bag that you see at many of your large chain grocery stores. The fact is that the people who sell bags for this price are often buying quantities of 50,000-100,000 at a time. It’s just not a reality for a school to buy that many bags. However, if you focus on selling packs of, say, 10 bags at a time for $20 per pack, your revenues can still be very large! Here are a couple of scenarios that may work for you!

Sample Fundraiser

School buys 5,000 reusable bags from

Bag cost: $ .99 per bag

Shipping $ .10 per bag

Total cost: $1.09 per bag = $5,450.00

Students focus on selling packs of 10 bags for $20 each.

500 packs of 10 bags for $20 each = $10,000

Original cost of bags = $5,450.00

Profit for 5,000 bags sold = $4,550.00

Sample Fundraiser 2

School buys 10,000 bags from

Bag cost: $ .89 per bag

Shipping: $ .08 per bag

Total cost $ .97 per bag = $9,700.00

School kids focus on selling packs of 10 bags for $20 each.

1,000 packs of 10 bags for $20 each = $20,000

Original cost of bags = $9,700.00

Profit for 10,000 bags sold = $10,300.00

Do you think you could sell 20,000? 25,000?

Schools Go to the Head of the Class with Reusable Bag Fundraisers

What does your fundraiser say about your school? If you’re still selling gift wrap and candy bars, probably not anything good. We do our kids a disservice when we teach them to eat healthy diets, avoid junk food, and care about the earth and then ask them to push products that encourage wastefulness and poor nutrition. You may be looking for fundraiser ideas for schools that promote the values that you are teaching. It’s refreshing to see schools choose healthier and more earth-friendly fundraisers. Reusable bag fundraisers are a good example. They help kids make a difference in the environment while earning funds for their schools at the same time. We offer creative fundraising ideas for high school that go beyond the coupon books and candy sales.

Five Reasons to Choose a Reusable Bag Fundraiser for Your School

  1. They’re profitable! For example, the Stockton Colts Youth Hockey Club relies heavily on fundraisers to fund their traveling hockey team. They first started selling reusable bags in 2009 and report that it has been the most successful fundraiser in their almost 50-year history. They reliably raise $3,000-7,000 twice per year with their reusable bag fundraisers, with around 55 players in four age brackets. You can easily extend this to a school and use our bags as one of your fun high school fundraising ideas.
  2. Reusable bags save the planet. Unlike wrapping paper, which is typically used only once and then thrown away, reusable bags are used over and over again. They reduce the number of paper and plastic bags used at the grocery store, creating a positive impact on the environment. You can carry being green into your school fundraiser. Bags can be purchased with your logo to bring everything together!
  3. They’re trendy and cute! There are many cute bag designs available, and they are often a hit with women, kids, and teenagers. You don’t have to choose a boring bag. Pick something fun, and everyone will want one. The sales are in the bag! School fundraiser planning has never been easier than when you use our custom bags.
  4. They show school spirit. If you want, you can have reusable bags printed up with your school name and mascot on them. Kids can show their school spirit by toting their books to school in the bags or using them to carry a change of clothes for gym class.
  5. Reusable bags save animals. Kids love animals, so your students will be happy to learn that the reusable bags they are selling will help save wildlife. Birds and sea creatures get tangled up in plastic bags or ingest them, thinking they are food. Many of them die each year as a result.

Stop searching for school fundraiser ideas. This year, choose a reusable bag fundraiser for your fundraising needs. Not only will you raise fistfuls of cash for your school, but you’ll also get an A in environmental friendliness! Put us at the top of your list of fundraising ideas for schools and place your order today.

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