Eco Friendly Community Church Fundraising Ideas

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Hello, and thanks for stopping by! Welcome to the green fundraising page dedicated to churches!

Reusable bags have been a huge hit in the church community, so much so that we can honestly tell you that you make up a great percentage of the business we do, and for that, we are thankful and decided to make this special page for you.

So why would a church group or religious organization want to use reusable grocery bags, totes, or other types of custom-imprinted bags, you may ask?

Well, here are a few reasons our church customers have shared.

The Reusable Bag Fundraiser

Holding a reusable bag fundraiser is a great idea for any church to make some extra money. In most churches, cash can be tight, and a bag fundraiser is an excellent way to bring in some extra money. Our recommendation to you is to sell packs of custom reusable bags with your logo. When we say packs, we mean four or 10 bags at a time. Don’t try to sell just one bag: Focus on the pack.

The pack enables you to sell the bag for slightly more than the grocery stores do. From what we have found, if your reason for selling the bags for more than the $1 you see at the stores is good, such as with church fundraisers, people generally do not have a problem buying them at a slightly higher cost. We agree it’s hard to compete with the large chain grocers offering them for $1, but please trust us here with our church fundraising ideas. You still have a great chance of making some nice extra money if you do it like this:

Sample Fundraiser

  • Church buys 1,000 bulk reusable bags from
  • Bag cost: $1.28 per bag
  • Shipping $ .19 per bag
  • Total cost: $1.47 per bag = $1,470
  • 100 packs of 10 bags sold at $20 each = $2,000
  • Original cost of bags = $1,470
  • Profit for 1,000 bags sold = $530

Sample Fundraiser 2

  • Church members focus on selling packs of 10 bags for $20 each
  • Church buys 5,000 wholesale bags from
  • Bag cost: $ .99 per bag
  • Shipping $ .10 per bag
  • Total cost: $1.09 per bag = $5,450
  • 500 packs of 10 bags for $20 each = $10,000
  • Original cost of bags = $5,450
  • Profit for 5,000 bags sold = $4,550
  • Do you think you could sell 10,000 bags? How about 20,000?

How to Fund Your Mission

How to Fund Your Youth Group, Mission Trips, and More by Fundraising with Reusable Bags

Sometimes groups within the church are unable to receive all of the funding they need for the activities they want to engage in from the general fund. When that happens, it’s time to have a fundraiser! Here are 10 ways to get funding for your youth group, a mission trip, or any other church activity with reusable bags and clever fundraising ideas for churches.

  1. Sell reusable bags. The most obvious way to raise funds using custom reusable grocery bags is to sell them outright. Depending on the bag you choose, your church group will keep anywhere from 40-75% of the retail price. Use this money to fund activities for your youth group, mission trips, vacation Bible school, or anything else!
  2. Bag lunches for events. Host a basketball tournament or other fun event, and have your youth group sell “brown bag” lunches in reusable lunch bags during the tournament. Bring an assortment of sandwich, drink, and snack options and allow customers to mix and match for truly fun church fundraiser ideas. Be sure to provide napkins and packets of condiments as well.
  3. Lock-in prizes or gift bags. The youth group or mission team could host a lock-in and charge a minimum donation of $25-50 per person to attend. Fill promotional eco friendly products with promotional prizes for those who raise more than the minimum donation. You could also fill small custom gift bags with your logo for door prizes for each attendee.
  4. Bag auction. Collect donations from members of the church or from local businesses and fill each bag with an assortment of related items. For example, you might end up with bath product bags, makeup bags, craft supply bags, or even bags filled with baked goods. Once the bags are filled, auction off the bags to the congregation to engage in one of the more lucrative church fundraising ideas.
  5. Mystery bag sale. Get some bags with zip or Velcro closures and put a prize in each bag. Post a list of some of the best prizes so people know they have a chance of getting something good. Let them pick up the bags to test the weight if you want, but don’t let them peek!
  6. Assemble and sell blessing bags. Blessing bags are filled with items that are helpful to homeless people. You could include an inexpensive fleece throw, some nonperishable foods that can be eaten without cooking or tools, and a bottle of water. Toiletries such as deodorant, soap, toothpaste, and a toothbrush are also nice. Once the bags are assembled, the group raising money can sell them to the congregation at a profit, and next time they are approached by a person in need, they will have something to give inside these church bags.
  7. Handcrafted reusable bags. Do you have some quilters in your group? Host a bag-sewing party! Ask everyone to bring fabric, portable sewing machines, and refreshments. Everyone will have a great time visiting while sewing the bags. Sell them to church members or set up a booth at a craft show. You can also list them for sale online.
  8. Sponsor a poor student. Ask church members to sponsor poor students by donating a certain amount of money to pay for a tote bag or backpack filled with school supplies, then donate the bags to an impoverished school district. These types of sponsorships can be especially great fundraising ideas for church youth groups.
  9. Bible bags. Find a reusable bag that is slightly larger than the average Bible, and have it printed with your church’s name. If you choose a bag style with a pocket on the front, you can insert a notebook and pen for taking notes. Sell the bags to church members.
  10. Bake sale bags. Have a bake sale and use custom reusable bags to package the treats you sell for those who want to buy them.

As you can see, reusable shopping bags are not your only option. Reusable bags come in many styles and sizes, so there are a lot of things you can do with them. If you use your imagination, you might even be able to come up with a few more ideas for church fundraisers of your own. You’ll have the money for that special church project in no time!

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