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12 Coolest Bulk Custom Tote Bags for Every Business

Totes are awesome. No matter what you want to carry, they can … well, tote it. From books to clothing, beach gear to rainy Pacific Northwest picnics, delicate paper or jewelry to plain ol’ delicious food, totes are on your side.

The question becomes not “Are totes right for my business marketing plan?” but “Which totes will make the biggest splash and stretch my advertising dollar as far as possible?” That’s the question we’ll tackle in this post, where you’ll learn all about how to put custom reusable grocery bags to work for you in your business.

So grab a cup of coffee, tea or artisanal bottled beverage and have a seat.

Here are a dozen custom bulk totes can’t-miss ideas that will cover any company’s marketing needs.

Chill Cubby Bag

What can you depend on people who work in classrooms, large department stores or sports settings to need? A bag that fits in a cubby or locker, of course!

Anyone who works in such a place is bound to appreciate a 13” tall bag that fits neatly into a personal space. Of course, that’s not all this bag does. In fact, it’s real purpose is to carry bottles from here to there. With six foldup sleeves, it’s the perfect item for heading to a party or into a double shift.

It comes in four amazing colors – burgundy, royal, natural, and black – so you’re bound to find the hue that works for you and your business.

Book Bags

“Book bag” denotes students carrying their goods to and from a school campus, but that’s not its only purpose. In fact, we love book bags that are perfect for stocking a small indie bookshop. Whether you sell textbooks, literary fiction or cookbooks, these fit the bill. Plus, with a bottom gusset, they won’t fall apart and will stand up to a heavy load. All book bag options come in bulk wholesale numbers for best pricing.

Client Gift “Baskets”

What better way to thank clients than with a gift basket? A bottle of wine, a box of nut brittle, a bag of caramels, and some bread and cheese … who wouldn’t love that? You don’t want to have to give them the kitchen sink, though, which is where a small natural two tone jute tote comes in. Now you can fill it to the brim without spending your life savings, and they’ll appreciate it just as much. All client gift basket ideas come in bulk wholesale options.

Hotel Welcome Bag

New guest? Show them a good time by starting them off on the right foot! Put a beach towel, complimentary bottle of wine and reusable water bottle into this equally reusable jute tote bag. You can either give them the lot, or insert a tag explaining which items are gifts (wine, water bottle) and which should be left in the room upon checkout (towel, tote). All hotel welcome bags come in wholesale custom bulk options.

Reusable Photocopy Bag

You know those flat paper bags you always get at copy shops? Well, what if they were endlessly reusable and cute to boot? Wouldn’t that be a better use of your dollars than a single-use, tissue-thin paper bag that tears immediately, harms the environment and irritates your valued customers? Obviously the answer is yes.

That’s where the non-woven die cut bag comes in. This flat bag is perfect for holding papers, documents, art supplies and other lie-flat goods requiring protection. With a big, bold logo on the front, its recipient won’t soon forget you. Plus, every time they bring it out into the world they’ll advertise your brand for you – gaining you new customers each time. All reusable bags come in wholesale bulk custom options.

Spa Goodies

A lovely, jewel-toned bag with wooden handles is the classic way to show off your spa’s class and charm. Put this baby in reserve for guests who book a full day at the spa, and fill it with complimentary magazines, vitamin water, healthy snacks and a sleep mask. (Or your own health-inducing items.). All custom spa goodie bags come in wholesale bulk options.

Retail Clothing Tote

When you buy an item of clothing, you expect a bag that matches its caliber. Whether that’s a reusable kraft paper tote with sturdy handles or a wholesale trade show tote with your logo, the right bag will transform a one-time shopper into a loyal customer. Extra good news? The latter bag comes in tons of colors. All retail clothing totes come customized in bulk wholesale options. Other incredible options include the custom woven bags wholesale which are 100% full color.

Non-Wine Bags

Who doesn’t love a classic single bottle wine bag, especially when its made of 50 percent recycled paper? No one doesn’t, that’s who. (Sorry for the double negative there. Well, kind of sorry … but still.)

Our dark little secret? We have customers from a huge range of industries use this bag. Think apple cider distilleries, artisanal brewers, kombucha makers, cold-press juicers and so much more. What’s that, you say? More examples? How about infused olive oils, handmade vinegars, dressings, honey, maple syrup, agave or essential oils?

As you can see, the sky is the limit when it comes to these adorable wholesale reusable wine bag totes. If you’ve got a bottled liquid you want to put out in the world, we’re here to help you out. All non-wine bags come in custom personalized wholesale bulk options.

The Classic Grocery Bag

Obviously, nowhere is more fitted to a reusable bag than a grocery store. These incredible marketing tools are made from non woven materials. (See all non woven bags wholesale). Whether you sell a limited array of artisanal goods – wine and cheese, say – or a full range of comestibles, a good old-fashioned grocery bag is a must. Sell them at your register, give them away in raffles and if you want, offer them for free with a large enough purchase. Be sure to keep some one hand for openings and other parties!

Refrigerated Bottles and Goods

For those who sell a lot of frosty items, this is the perfect bag. Its beautiful screen-print façade neatly conceals the goods within, which often produce a lot of moisture when they come out of refrigeration. The lamination on the outside of the bag will ensure that you keep leakage off your shirt, the floor of your car and your host’s nice walnut table, so what’s not to like? See more of our super stylish custom insulated grocery tote bag.

Beans, Beans, Beans

Okay, we admit it: This isn’t a tote bag. But we just couldn’t help mentioning all the amazing things you can do with a coffee bag! Although it’s meant for beans and grounds, coffee bags serve double duty for bulk tea, herbs, rose hips and even candy. If you’re a choose-your-own-adventure sweet shop, be sure to get the kind with a window for extra-fun candy viewing.

Book Bag, Take Two

Yep, here’s another delightful book bag for your perusal. The lightweight nature of this jute tote makes it perfect for those little beach-side bookshops into which we all love to wander. If you’ve got a crooked-aisled, floor-to-ceiling-shelved store, you’re ideally suited to this bag. Customers will carry their books out with pride, and later carry their towels to the beach to read them!

Ready to Get Started?

Have you chosen the tote bag for you? Do you still have questions about bag type, style, colors, amount or use? Either way, our expert customer service team is happy to help you find the answers you’re looking for. Simply pick up the phone and dial 877.334.5323 today. Our friendly customer care specialists will walk you through the process from start to finish and help you launch your bag order today. Then, presto!, you’ll have brand-new marketing material on your doorstep soon!

Ready? Call us now.

Douglas Lober

Author: Douglas Lober

Written and edited by Douglas Lober, Owner at RTB is one of the original U.S grown suppliers of eco-friendly wholesale reusable bags. For any and all questions related to his articles, please contact him online.

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