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10 Ways to Use Promotional Items at Your Gym or Fitness Center

Gyms and fitness centers draw crowds of all ages and all walks of life. From those who are dedicated fitness buffs to those who have recently had health scares and are working hard to step up their fitness games for the sake of their collective health, gyms and fitness centers offer a multitude of benefits. 

But, whatever the reason they’re hitting the gym, you want to make sure it’s your gym they’re trekking too. Using promotional items, like the functional and practical ones below, can ensure that your fitness center is their first choice today and as their fitness needs evolve along the way.

1. Offer Water Bottles to Keep Them Hydrated While They Work Out

Hydration is essential for a solid, safe workout. Not only is water essential for fueling a good workout, but it’s also necessary for helping to regulate body temperature and to lubricate joints while your gym visitors work out. Water bottles decorated with your gym’s logo are great tools for making sure your members remain hydrated throughout their workout sessions. Water is the best thing for them, and there are plenty of different sizes and styles to meet your needs. You’ll even find a wide range of colors available to help with your branding efforts.

2. Help Them Show Off Their Buff New Bodies With Branded Tanks and Tees 

The people who come to your gym work hard. Whether they are making large or small gains toward their goals, it’s nice for them to have something that lets them show the world their progress. There is a huge assortment of sizes and styles available to tees and tanks they can wear with your logo. It not only builds goodwill with your gym members, but it also allows them to become walking talking advertisements for your fitness center.

3. Provide Travel Swag With a Yoga Mat Carrying Case for Going to Their Yoga Workouts

Something as simple as a yoga bag can be an excellent promotional item for any gym or fitness center. It gives your members the perfect tool for transporting their yoga mats to and from the gym and has them doing the advertising for you along the way. They make great conversation starters, and your students will appreciate the stylish addition to their workout efforts.

4.  Offer Branded Notebooks and Journals to Help Them Record Their Fitness Efforts and Progress 

Those who are serious about working out like to record statistics and information about each workout, such as the amount of time, number or repetitions, calories burned, etc. Then, they can go back later in the week to compare their progress and measure their results. Giving them a branded journal or notebook to record their efforts and see how well they’ve done can go a long way toward building excellent customer relations with your patrons.

5. Enable Them to Enjoy Pre and Post-Workout Protein Shakes With Shaker Bottles 

People who are serious about bodybuilding and weight loss often drink protein shakes and other things before and after working out to help them get more bangs from their bucks. These make great gifts they’ll use time and again as they prepare for and recover from their workouts.

6. Give Them Practical Reusable Bags to Hold their Fitness Gear 

Let them carry your logo on their bags as they come and go for their workouts day in and day out. Choosing the right bag or tote for your customers gives them a place to keep their belongings neat, tidy, and squared away as they embark on their daily workouts. Depending on the clientele your gym or fitness center seeks to bring in, there are many great promotional bags to choose from. The wide range of options makes a reusable shopping bag or tote the perfect option for promotional items for gyms and fitness centers, as you can find the right color pallet to match your branding efforts. The real beauty of gifting bags to your members and guests is that they become living breathing advertisements for your gym.

7. Let them Listen to Their Own Tunes with Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth earbuds are a great gift people never get tired of receiving. They work with all phones that have Bluetooth access and allow people to workout to tunes that inspire them and get the blood pumping. Hearing the right tunes can be instrumental for some people to get a solid and satisfying workout. Promotional items like these can help.

8. Give them Fitness Tools on the Go With a Jump Rope

If you would rather not give a jump rope there are all kinds of other fitness tools you can give them that won’t interfere with the workouts they get in your gym or fitness clubs, like resistance bands, hand grip exercisers, yoga mats, and exercise bands. Just make sure your logo is prominently displayed.

9. Help Them Relieve Sore Muscles With a Promotional Gel Pack

Gel packs are one of the best gifts you can give as a promotional item. They will help your patrons manage their aching muscles after a rigorous exercise, and will quickly become a must for all your members and a highly prized promo item.

10. Encourage Them to Keep Their Cool Wth a Cooling Towel

Give them a cooling towel to help them recover after their workouts. Choose one that comes in a carrying case with your logo for convenient carrying for your customers and additional advertising for your gym or fitness center.

Promotional items, like those mentioned above, are cost-effective tools to advertise your business. These promotional items can be instrumental in helping you grow your gym or fitness center.

Douglas Lober

Author: Douglas Lober

Written and edited by Douglas Lober, Owner at RTB is one of the original U.S grown suppliers of eco-friendly wholesale reusable bags. For any and all questions related to his articles, please contact him online.

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