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10 Ways Auto Dealerships Can Use Reusable Tote Bags

Many consumers know they can get great promotions and discounts at auto dealerships. But, while it’s critical to offer deals to benefit your customers, you also want to make sure you’re offering incentives attractive enough to make up for any lag in sales you experienced the prior year.

As an auto dealer, you understand how important customer satisfaction is. You know you need to be engaging each and every person that walks onto your showroom floor and making them feel they need that vehicle. When you earn their trust, you can look forward to easier sales.

By offering promotional items — like reusable grocery bags and totes — to make that first, great impression, your potential customers will not just feel comfortable around you, but even if they do say they want to go home and think about it, when they look at the reusable tote bag you gave them, it will remind them of your generosity. And, when you brand your business logo on them, every time they use the bags, they’ll be providing you with free exposure to your auto dealership. 

Reusable tote bags make great customizable car dealership gifts. Here are 10 ways.

1. To Help Market Your Brand

When you market your brand, you want to choose a promotional item that will:

  • Represent your dealership
  • Fit in with your dealership’s vision and mission
  • Provide you with the best return on investment (ROI)

Using a functional promotional tool like reusable tote bags will last for several years and will fill a need for your consumers while advertising your brand. Since you know who your demographic is and what they’re looking for, you can create a customized reusable tote bag just for them as an ideal way of reaching your consumers and prospects and provide great ROI for many years.

2. To Promote Your Eco-Friendliness

While standard plastic bags take years to break down in landfills, reusable recycled bags are repurposed, helping both you and your customers. When you incorporate promotional reusable tote bags in your auto dealership, you’re sending the message to your consumers that you care about the environment and are encouraging eco-friendly solutions.

3. To Offer Customers Practicality

You can use reusable tote bags for much more than shopping. They provide you with a variety of uses as a sturdy, well-structured option for carrying all sorts of things around. Your customers can use these reusable bags for various things such as:

  • Camping trips
  • Moving from one home to another
  • Shoe bags
  • Grocery shopping bags
  • Lunch bags
  • Halloween bags
  • Storage bags
  • And more

They’re an environmentally-friendly and economically sustainable option for anybody who needs a simple way of carrying anything on the go.

4. To Utilize a Great Promotional Opportunity

Customized reusable bags will show your logo off and more importantly, it will be showing on an eco-friendly bag. While people will likely see other shopping bags floating around with your competitor’s logo on them, your prospective vehicle buyers and customers will see your logo engaging in sustainable initiatives for improving the environment with your custom label. 

Consider including various design features and color options for encouraging a collection among your customers. 

5. To Promote All Your Dealership Brands

Reusable shopping bags are popular examples of recyclable merchandise reusable bags and they’re likely the most versatile. They’re perfect for toting items from the farmer’s market or grocery store, but they’re also great for:

  • Carrying things in an overnight bag
  • Lugging gear to the gym
  • Bringing things to and from work

They also make a great marketing tool since everybody can find some type of use for them. If you have multiple vehicle brands in your dealership you can use them to market each brand individually or collectively. 

6. To Partner With a Charity

There are many organizations performing great work to help people who are less fortunate through collecting things like:

  • Food
  • School supplies
  • Clothing
  • Hygiene items

Often groups like these will fill up backpacks or reusable tote bags with the collected items and hand them out to those in need. You can donate your custom reusable bags to causes like this and get your employees involved by having them pack and distribute the bags. 

You’ll be helping individuals in the community who are receiving the care packages, helping the planet because you’re using reusable bags and maybe even inspiring others to follow your lead.

7. To Hand out Branded Tote Bags at Trade Shows

Customize reusable tote bags to your specifications with your branding to offer to individuals who come to your auto dealership’s trade show booth. As people are carrying around your branded tote bags, they’ll start creating a buzz at the show about your brand and spread the word around about your business.

8. To Offer a Branded Tote With Customer Purchases

You can have reusable lunch style tote bags printed with information detailing a new vehicle brand to create interest that will lead up to launch. Slip a tote bag in with every new vehicle purchase or car accessory purchase as a surprise gift. People like free gifts and you’ll be providing them with early information about the new and upcoming vehicle. 

9. To Make Your Consumers Feel Included in Your Brand

A great promotional item is something your consumers will use and want to use. When they use a branded tote bag they’ll feel appreciated and included. You may want to consider offering them a free reusable shopping bag with their purchase of a vehicle that will allow them to engage with your brand while also displaying your marketing info. Place even more customized items in the bag, including a branded travel coffee mug, water bottle, fridge magnet, notepad, and pens. 

10. To Allow Your Consumers to Handle the Promotion for You

The good thing about custom reusable bags is they act just like a walking billboard for your company, only far more fluid into society and more affordable. These sturdy and simple items are like small marketing campaigns that get your business’s name in front of a lot of new potential customers.

Competition is fierce among dealerships, and your dealership needs every opportunity to advertise and promote your brand. Reusable bags are a super way to do just that. 

Douglas Lober

Author: Douglas Lober

Written and edited by Douglas Lober, Owner at RTB is one of the original U.S grown suppliers of eco-friendly wholesale reusable bags. For any and all questions related to his articles, please contact him online.

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