10 Super Cheap Yet Highly Effective Promotional Products

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It’s hard to identify promotional products that are sure to stand out in the crowd. Especially when you’re operating on an extremely tight promotional budget. However, promotional items and giveaways are often expected. More importantly, they are effective tools for promoting your business – when you choose wisely. These promotional products are quite affordable while remaining highly effective.

1. Promotional Pens

This is one of the “old” standards when it comes to promotional products. Some businesses continue to swear by the pen as a conquering sword when it comes to promotional products. There are many options and a wide range of colors from which to choose. And, they carry a small footprint, which means you can stock a huge inventory of promotional pens, and have a supply handy in multiple places, including in the car, fleet vehicles, office, warehouse, and more.

The added plus is that people walk off with other people’s pens all the time, increasing the odds that your pen will promote your business to multiple people. The low cost to your business means you can give them away freely without worrying about your bottom line, and you always have one handy whenever anyone needs a pen.

2. Stress Balls

Not only are these affordable and effective, they are also fun. They can be used for physical therapy, meditation, playing catch, and of course stress relief. Stress balls are cost-effective gifts many recipients will find themselves using with surprising frequency. They are fun promotional items to give your customers that makes stress balls memorable.

3. Reusable Grocery Bags

Reusable grocery or shopping bags are the promotional products people at conventions and other corporate types of events carry all the other promotional products around in. How’s that for name recognition and brand building effectiveness?

More importantly, reusable bags are infinitely useful and reusable meaning they will be used by your customers (or those you’re hoping will become your customers) and the people they encounter in the course of their day. Because there are so many options, it will be easy to find one that matches your business colors and logo or design objectives.

4. Lip Balms

Winter, spring, summer, and fall, lip balms are useful promotional items people will use again and again – thinking of your business every time they do. The impressive low cost of lip balm as promotional items makes them useful and effective items to promote your business. It also means you can afford to have them on hand at all times to give out to customers. Like promotional pens, promotional lip balms carry a small inventory footprint.

5. Water Bottles

Available in a huge variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, portable water bottles are excellent choices for promoting your business. They accommodate many logo and branding possibilities and are something many consumers will use over and over again. They are especially useful if you own a business in the industry of health and wellness and want to encourage your customers to drink more water.

6. Stadium Cups

These are fun and incredibly useful items to give away that many consumers also appreciate and remember. They are especially useful for promotional items targeting families with children, college students, or people moving into a first home or apartment though anyone can enjoy having an extra cup in the house. Their low cost certainly does help.

7. Hand Sanitizer

In these trying times hand sanitizer is all the rage. Everyone is paying greater attention to germs and keeping hands clean when out and about. Portable hand sanitizer containers that fit easily in a car or purse are highly prized items as far as promotional items go, especially in environments where people are likely to encounter other humans. This is a promotional items many customers are grateful to have in times like these and will remember your business for providing.

8. Key Chains with Flashlights

These keychains are highly useful tools for helping people unlock doors in the dark and whenever they need an extra light. Women love these tools to help dig around in their purses after dark, and dog owners appreciate them for early morning and late night dog walks as well. If you own a business that caters to people who will appreciate these gifts, they are great cheap promotional items to help you promote your goods and services.

9. Drawstring Bags

These nifty knapsacks are handy to have around the house. The more the merrier in some families. They make it easy for parents to pack snacks for outings, pack car kits for long trips (for each child), and to tote around town while running errands.

When you give promotional drawstring bags to your customers as promotional items, the real win for your business, is that your customers do the advertising for you. Everywhere they go with your reusable bags in tow, they are telling others about your business and helping you build your brand.

10. Coffee Mugs

Another old favorite, the coffee mug remains a popular choice for an inexpensive promotional item. Coffee mugs have a lot to offer and can be used for far more than sipping coffee, tea, and cocoa. Even those who do not appreciate the finer points of these concoctions can find use for coffee mugs as pencil or pen holders, proudly promoting your business for all who entire their workspaces or homes. They are low-cost items that are enjoyable to give and receive and that allow you to make a splash with your customers.

The best promotional items are those that allow your customers to promote your business on your behalf. These are the items that keep on giving. Don’t forget to keep a selection of low-cost promotional items on hand for different occasions.

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