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10 Reasons Your Winery Should Use Reusable Wine Bags

Wineries, of all businesses, understand the devastating impact pollution can have on the water, the land, and all the things that grow on the land. The impact that plastic and even paper bags, which have traditionally been used by some wineries, have when it comes to harming the planet, is extensive.

The great news is reusable wine bags have come into the picture. They offer long life spans, are a stylish accessory, and can be used for years by your customers. Here are 10 great reasons why your winery should use reusable wine bags.

1. Encourage Customer Loyalty

Customers love gifts. Especially useful gifts. A reusable wine carrier isn’t only about that one time sale. It’s about encouraging them to come back week after week — especially if you offer a small discount when they come in with your wine bag. This encourages loyalty because the discount is an added bonus on top of the lovely wine bag.

2. Promote Your Brand

In addition to returning to your winery with their bags, they can take them all over town, to concerts in the park (if city ordinances allow), to dinner at a friend’s home, or countless other places — all the while promoting your wine business.

The real beauty of this is that you’re giving gifts to your customers that have them promoting and building your brand without really realizing it. It’s like having hundreds of people promoting your products for you. In fact, it invites conversations amongst people who see the bag and ask questions about the winery, favorite wines, events, etc.

Promotional wine bags are a real win when it comes to building and promoting your brand because you’re not the one doing the work.

3. Eco-Friendly

Many people wonder if reusable cloth bags really are that much better than disposable options. The answer is a resounding yes. From the process of making the bags, which exacts a hefty environmental toll to the pollution they create when littered, landing in landfills, or finding their way into oceans, beaches, and rivers, the ecological costs are higher still.

Wineries understand the delicate balance between a healthy planet and one that isn’t healthy. You understand that soil and water conditions impact the quality of the grapes and the flavor of the wine.

4. Much Nicer than Paper Bags

Wineries are also businesses built around aesthetics. You work hard to make your wine shop look a certain way. You want to make it warm, inviting, and perhaps even cozy. In all likelihood, you cater to audiences with more refined palates. They appreciate the aesthetics too, which is why offering a plain paper bag for them to carry their wine out of your shop in isn’t all that appealing.

Customized promotional wine bags are much more appealing, and they give you the opportunity to raise awareness about your winery in the process.

5. Increases Visibility for Your Winery

Not only do sustainable reusable wine bags allow you to make a positive impression on your customers, it turns them into advertisers for your business. It’s hard to pass that up by going the safe old route of using paper bags. Especially when free publicity for something positive is always a good thing. The other aspect where reusable bags make you attractive to customers is for your impact as a greener business. The more your customers use your wine bags, the greater the visibility for your business.

6. Show Customers You Appreciate their Business

Gifts are always important tools to show your appreciation to customers. These bags are extremely useful, even for customers who do not drink a lot of wine. More importantly, it shows your customers that you’re making an investment in them by offering them one of your bags.

Ideally, you’ll have a selection on hand to accommodate customers who come in for single bottles as well as those who purchase two, four, or even six bottles. You might even consider offering insulated wine totes for frequent customers you’d like to offer special thanks to or even first-time customers who make sufficiently large purchases.

7. Show Off Your Fun Side

You have many options to consider when it comes to creating customizable wine totes for your customers. You may opt for a logo bag or something a little brighter, fun, and more colorful. Perhaps you can showcase reusable wine bags for an event at your winery that you want to thank people for attending, like a bring your own barbecue wine event or a Saturday night concert series for the summer.

Offering fun and colorful bags as incentives to purchase tickets can be a plus. And it gives your guests a treat to take home in addition to the beautiful bottles of wine they are likely to purchase.

8. Customizable for Different Messages

The fact that reusable wine bags are customizable means that you can create your own messages to include on these bags to celebrate your brand, the art of drinking wine, or just add a hint of snark your customers are sure to appreciate. It’s a great way to make your message grow stronger as well as demand for your bags.

9. Celebrate Annual Events

From holidays that invite wine to seasonal events (harvest, spring renewal, summer fun, and winter wonder) to winery specific celebrations (annual anniversary, concert series, etc.) there are plenty of events to celebrate for your winery that lends well to the creation of commemorative bags. It’s also a reward for those who choose to celebrate with you.

10. Encourage Others to Share Your Values for the Planet

One of the biggest benefits of handing out reusable wine bags to your customers is that it gives you an opportunity to share your values for the planet with your customers and encourage them to do the same. Even in small ways, like using reusable wine or other bags.

Grow More Than Grapes at Your Winery With Reusable Wine Bags

Grow your winery business. At we believe that small moves can create big results. Giving your winery customers the gift of custom printed reusable bags helps to eliminate waste, reduce pollution, and clear the air for generations to come. And, you get the added benefit of advertising every time someone carries your bulk purchase of reusable bags.

Ready to boost your winery and give your customers a lovely gift they’ll use over and over again? Contact us today by calling 877-334-5323 and work with one of our talented account reps to get started. 

Douglas Lober

Author: Douglas Lober

Written and edited by Douglas Lober, Owner at RTB is one of the original U.S grown suppliers of eco-friendly wholesale reusable bags. For any and all questions related to his articles, please contact him online.

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