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People from every city visit a spa for a day to escape the world and focus on themselves for a while. Some do it to enjoy the benefits of rest and relaxation a spa day provides. Others do it for the pampering and poshness of the experience. At the end of the spa day, though, almost everyone loves to go home with promotional gifts and goodies from their favorite spas. 

As a spa owner, the big question on your mind may be which promotional giveaways work best for day spas like yours. These are a few tip top ideas for spa promotional gifts to offer your best clients or to entice others to come through your doors.

Encourage Healthy Eating with a Lunch Cooler Bag

Equip a custom wholesale lunch cooler bag with your spa’s logo for an added reminder of why they want to make healthy choices in their lunches. Since spas are about restoring beauty and encouraging good health, this can be a turning point for your spa clients who use their lunch boxes daily for lunch at the office. 

Inspire Healthy Living with Yoga Mats and Carrying Cases

Healthy living is more than a state of mind. It involves choices people make every day about the foods they eat, the things they do, and even the amount of sleep they get at night. 

A yoga mat may be the perfect tool your day spa clients need to encourage them to be mindful of daily exercise. Yoga is an especially amazing choice as it promotes mindful movement without being too difficult on joints.

Give Big Fluffy Bath Towels with Your Logo

You want these towels to be something your clients will not only love, but also think of you every time they use them. Choose high-quality towels and make sure your logo is prominently displayed so they have no doubts where they came from. 

This will help increase their desire to return to your day spa and perhaps even encourage them to tell others about you.

Promote Planetary and Personal Health with a Reusable Canvas Bag

The real beauty of giving reusable bags are promotional giveaways is that your customers do the advertising for you. Every time they use their reusable bags while out running errands, going to the gym, or picking up and dropping off items at shelters, book shops, and bakers – they are telling others about your store as they carry goods, donations, and other items in the beautiful custom canvas reusable bags you gave them. See all wholesale cotton canvas bags

Of course, you’ll need to have them printed with your logo and message for this to work, but when you choose to give this to your clients, it’s a gift that will keep on giving long after the promotion or giveaway ends. 

Rest and Relaxation Kits with Spa Goodies from Your Day Spa

If you’re going for a premium gift for your best customers, consider offering a relaxation kit that includes a variety of goodies, such as:

  • Eye masks
  • Travel neck pillows
  • Spa lotions and body wash trial size bottles

You could even pack all the goodies in an attractive reusable custom jute bag for added value and prestige for your gift. The idea is to make this particular gift one that is spectacular and sure to provide a positive return on your investment. Gift wisely.

Encourage them to Drink More Water with Beautiful Water Reusable Water Bottles

Water is so essential for life and healthy living that there is no reason not to encourage your day spa clients to drink more water at every turn. Reusable water bottles come in all shapes and sizes and can be as elegant or utilitarian as you like. 

For your day spa, however, you may want to err on the side of more elegant water bottle configurations that combine beauty and practicality while encouraging your customers to consume the proper amount of water each day. You can find all sorts of trendy, glitzy, and stylish water bottles these days.

Give the Gift of Healthy Hands

While day spas focus much time and energy encouraging overall health and promoting healing of the mind, body, and spirit; there’s no rule that you can’t encourage your customers to turn some of that attention to their hands. 

Give them spa recommended hand cream in a beautiful reusable pouch they can carry along with them in their purses when on-the-go. The key is to use a rich, healthy hand cream that will leave them feeling spoiled and pampered long after their visit to your spa.

Warm their Spirits with a Plush Blanket

You can never have too many blankets. Especially if you choose high-quality luxurious blankets to give your clients. There are many styles you can choose from to add that “just right” warmth they need to feel cozy and comfortable in every season. 

Blankets offer a special touch of warmth and your logo reminds them of your day spa and the gift you gave long after their day at your spa has ended.

Provide them With a Travel Essentials Kit

This kit should include empty travel-sized bottles they can fill with their favorite products from your day spa as well as a nail care kit, hand sanitizer, lip balm, and other essentials they can use to remember you by. 

Your logo on the kit will ensure they never forget their time at your spa or the memories created during their visit. The convenience and easy portability of your travel essentials kit will remind them that you cared enough to give them this thoughtful gift.

Choosing the right promotional reusable grocery bag giveaway items for your day spa doesn’t have to be an adventure in trial and error. Try a variety of these great promo gift ideas and see which ones offer the best dividends in the form of repeat business and overall goodwill from your clients.

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