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Fall is the time where people are placing their attention on their kids going back to school, playing after-school sports and getting ready for the upcoming holidays. As the holiday season quickly approaches, it’s the ideal time for your business to ramp up your bottom line.

Seasonal promotions provide you with a huge opportunity for company exposure, informing consumers about your business and grabbing their attention as they start to spend their holiday dollars.  Creative fall promotions during the busy season can pay you huge dividends.

Halloween provides you with the perfect opportunity to launch some exciting marketing campaigns. Through Halloween-themed marketing promotions, you can catch consumers’ attention and bring new customers through your doors. Since Halloween is just around the corner, here are 10 creative and spooky fun festive fall promotion ideas for your business that will appeal to new and existing customers.

1. Throw a Company Halloween Party

You can impress existing customers/clients, gain new ones and increase your foot traffic by throwing a fun company Halloween party ideal for any age. It doesn’t have to be costly either. You can put up handmade decorations and provide small treats and beverages. Decorations can really make the party fun and may include things like:

  • Bat cutouts
  • Jack-o’lanterns
  • Pumpkins
  • Streamers

Keep in mind younger kids may be accompanying their parents to your party, so don’t make the accessories too frightening. Offer a party-exclusive sale to help create FOMO (fear of missing out) and drive sales during your party.

2. Offer Big Deals

Encourage people to visit your place of business during the busy weekend by offering three-day deals and discounts or even day-of-sales. Some fun marketing ideas are:

  • Trick or Treat: Grab a treat from our store this weekend – on us.
  • Happy Halloween: We’re having a spooky sale this weekend; stop by and enjoy some spooktacular savings off everything in the store.
  • Boo: Come in this weekend and take advantage of our BooGO sale; it’s a buy one, get one free sale this weekend only.

3. Halloween Elements Branding

While it’s not Christmas, adding some Halloween elements to your branding can be a hit. Some ideas you can try are branding your social media pages with Halloween elements (i.e. profile photo, cover photo).

You have a huge opportunity to really grab people’s attention with your cover image. Add more than a couple Halloween elements to it – get creative. If you’re having any Halloween sales, add a text overlay on your cover image about your promotion.

By adding some Halloween elements into your branding, you’re alerting your potential customers that you have sales going on and you have the holiday spirit.

4. Give Away Halloween-Themed Promotional Items

Promotional items are a great way to gain exposure to your business and draw in new customers/clients while keeping your current customers/clients happy. Some ideas of promotional items you can hand out include:

  • Travel mugs: Travel mugs make great fall promotion items. As the temperatures get cooler in the fall, consumers can pour hot tea, coffee or chocolate into their festive travel mugs you handed out at your last event. They can reuse them and bring them wherever they go; to coffee shops or the office. For Halloween, you can hand out travel mugs with little ghosts, goblins or pumpkins on them (and your company logo, of course).
  • Back to school items: Hand out Halloween-themed items like water bottles, backpacks or pens and pencils. Or you can offer team spirit items that people can use at school events or spirit rallies like noisemakers, team bracelets or foam fingers.

5. Custom Halloween-Printed Reusable Bags

Hand out custom printed promotional reusable bags as free promotional items. Everyone can use reusable bags and those who are very eco-friendly conscious, will be delighted to receive these custom scary bags. Print your logo and/or company information on Halloween grocery reusable bags or tote bags to get more eyes on your brand. Customers can use these bags to shop and carry items around and have fun doing so because they’re celebrating Halloween while helping to save the planet.

6. Add a Bit of Halloween to Your Products

Even if your company doesn’t sell Halloween items, you can still get into the holiday spirit and boost your revenue this Halloween season. For example,if you’re a restaurant owner, you can make Halloween treats and desserts. Maybe little pumpkin cupcakes or ghost cookies. If you sell clothing, offer a line of t-shirts or hats, etc. that are Halloween themed.

7. Host Your Own Trick-or-Treat Event

If your local community doesn’t offer a trick-or-treat event for the children, you could collaborate with other local businesses and offer a trick-or-treat event for kids to go to. A trick-or-treat event is a safe place for parents to bring their children for fun Halloween festivities.

8. Offer a Discount to Customers Who Dress Up

A perfect way of getting more people to your business and maximizing your sales in a fun way is to offer a gift or discount for anyone who is wearing a costume while they make a purchase. This gives consumers an incentive to come shop in your store instead of the competition if they were going to make the purchase anyway.

9. Post-Holiday Deals

Offer your shoppers a post-Halloween discount. Many shoppers plan their purchasing decisions around discounts. So, a post-Halloween deal can help you sell off your Halloween inventory and attract new customers. Some fun marketing ideas are:

  • Trick-or-treat got you worn out? Come get your caffeine fix and we’ll give you any sized coffee for a $1.00.
  • Halloween creep you out? We’re offering you a celebratory treat: Buy one (coffee, sandwich, beverage, etc.) and get one free
  • Halloween’s over – but not our sales! We’re offering 25% off of all (brand name) products through (date.)

10. Online Halloween Promotions

Host an online Halloween promotion to boost your website engagement and conversions. Invite all users to join in the online Halloween festivities. Hold a fun game on your website and offer a prize. For example, you could have your users find a hidden ghost or pumpkin (one per user) and when they do, it reveals a store discount or free product they can redeem.

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