Best Reusable Bags for Food and Beverage Purveyors

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We all know that recycling makes a worldly impact. Putting old plastic bags and bottles to use as recycled bags not only removes plastic from the waste stream and keeps it from sitting in landfills for up to 1,000 years, it actually makes for a pretty attractive carryall.

Reusing is a big deal as well. If we can keep items out of the trash in the first place, we don’t even have to wonder about how to recycle them. Custom reusable shopping bags, for instance, help cut down on all that dastardly paper and plastic current rotting in landfills, letting off noxious gases, filtering into our water supplies and polluting the ocean. Cheap cotton tote bags in bulk even biodegrade, so when clients and customers are done with them, they can simply dump them in the compost and let nature do her work.

Oh, also the branding. Did you know that the average reusable bag gets almost 6,000 impressions in its lifetime?

We truly never get tired of sharing that fact. Plus, they earn an average of 1,000 impressions per dollar (and get even more affordable if you order in larger quantities), which is more than tee shirts, pens and radio spots combined. Impressed?

So then the question becomes … who exactly should be using reusable bags? Frankly, we’ve seen businesses in every industry make use of these. From marketing firms to law offices, pet stores to veterinarians, there’s pretty much no company that can’t put them to good use.

That said, the obvious industry in which bags are absolutely crucial is food and beverage. When customers walk into your shop, they almost always walk out with items that need to be carried. If they bring their own reusable bags, more power to them. But if they don’t, you’d better be prepared to help them – and the environment – out.

Here are 10 food and beverage purveyors who need reusable bags now.


If you’re saying “duh” in your head right now, we don’t blame you. Still, a surprisingly small number of breweries have jumped on the bandwagon, so in addition to helping the world, this is still a good way to distinguish yourself from local brewery hoi polloi. If you like the paper look, opt for our 50% Recycled Natural Kraft Shopping Bags, or offer insulated bags to keep bottles cold on the way to a picnic or dinner.

Wine Shops

Just like breweries, wine shops sell a whole lot of bottles, and those bottles need to be carried home somehow. Our huge range of reusable wine bags make it simple to stock a variety of sizes, so your customers will be able to carry their goods home one, four or even six at a time. Insulated? Not a problem. Laminated bags? Yep. Paper? Sure, and it’s recycled too!

Cheese Stores

Love of cheese stretches to the dawn of human civilization, when we first discovered we could milk cows and keep that milk good for months or years by turning it into cheese. These days, that love is no less strong – after all, who doesn’t enjoy a good camembert, roquefort or cheddar?

Obviously, your customers won’t be able to resist buying more than one, and they will need a way to carry it all out. A small, insulated snack pack is a fantastic option for toting cheeses home or to a party, makes a great gift (especially filled with all that dairy goodness) and is perfect for field trip lunches afterward.

Ethnic Food Stores

Everyone loves a good ethnic food store. Whether an upscale Arabian market, a French Provencal market or an Chinese food store, it’s fun to be able to go in and get everything you need to make a new recipe or honor a family tradition. Give your customers a great way to hold all their purchases, or again, give them as a gift.

Juice Shops

Kale juice! It’s totally a thing. And your shop sells it by the bushel, for dedicated consumers, for parties, for office fridges, for gym rats, for organic gift givers. No matter who it is that walks into your shop, you’ll want to make sure they can carry their goods back out with them in branded style. Choose from a variety of single-bottle bags, or encourage buying in bulk by offering one of our four- or six-bottle bags for free if they fill it up.


Delis are some of our favorite places to stop for a bite or pick up that amazing German beer we just can’t find anywhere else. If you’re that deli, keep customers coming back with well-branded bags that not only remind your customers of the great experience they had at your store, but flash that logo around in the outside world.

Small Groceries

For obvious reasons, grocery stores are definitely on the list of food and beverage purveyors in need of bags. If you currently use paper or plastic, we urge you to face the damage that’s doing to the environment. There are, for instance, 500 more pieces of micro plastic in the ocean as there are stars in our galaxy, according to the Independent. It’s time to make a more responsible decision instead. Luckily, our huge line of reusable grocery bags has you covered.

Kombucha Stores

All the rage these days, kombucha is hailed for its tart, fizzy and slightly sweet nature. It’s full of probiotics and other Things That Are Good for You, and although the drink itself is as much as 3,000 years old, it has taken the world by storm in the last decade or so. If you peddle this fine bevy, you’ll definitely need bags in which to send it home. Consider the Great American Non-Woven Bag for single purchases, or its 6-bottle counterpart.

Food Trucks

Food trucks are big, and they’ve expanded their approach to selling, as well. Now it’s possible to do more than grab a taco or an ice cream cone; food trucks travel around, selling bottles of juice, kombucha, wine and beer to their patrons, many of whom carry off those bottles for later. Take that big logo emblazoned on the side of your airstream and place it on a little bag to encourage other denizens of your city to stop on by.

Homesteading Shops

Okay, so this isn’t technically a food and beverage purveyor. However, the main mission of homestead supply stores is to give people the ingredients they need to make their own consumables: kombucha, homebrew, cheese, bread, fruits and veggies, herbs and more. You may even sell ingredients for raising animals or bottling wine.

Whatever the case, there are two facts to keep in mind: One, your customers are bound to appreciate a way to carry them all home. Two, customers rarely come in for just one item. More than any of the shops above, they are almost certain to carry out more than one thing, because so many homesteading missions require multiple implements and ingredients. So, bags? A must.

Of course, this is hardly a comprehensive list of purveyors who can make use of reusable bags, but you get the idea. If you’re ready to order your bags, please feel free to reach out to our team today and learn more or place an order. You can contact us by calling 1-877-334-5323. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you reach your business goals soon!

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