5 Best Promotional Items for Cosmetic Surgery Offices

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It might seem like an endless battle when you’re on a quest for new patients. For some cosmetic surgery offices, because they don’t have a lot of competition, they may have more than enough patients to take care of than they can handle. For others, it seems like a continuous struggle to find and persuading people to become a patient in their office.

Clinics will often:

  • Provide discounts on services
  • Use promotions
  • Offer a free session

These are all great techniques, but it’s the “follow-up” that is often the challenge. The way in which you stay on top of people’s minds who are constantly being bombarded with 24/7 advertising. How do you get yourself past their already-developed mental barrier or wall they’ve put up against advertising?

You could:

  • Mail out a promotional flyer to obtain some leads. If you have a good campaign, you have a great chance of being successful with this technique and obtain new patients. But, since it’s a chaotic world out there, the likelihood of most individuals remembering your cosmetic surgery practice based on one promotion is slim. And, junk mail frequently ends up in the garbage since most people receive a handful of junk mail each day. And, a lot of them will go through their junk mail right over their trash can.
  • Post online ads, particularly on your social media platforms. But people will often skim over since they’re typically looking for something specific and would rather not become distracted by ads.

Based upon the drawbacks of these methods, It’s not a surprise many cosmetic surgery offices struggle to consistently bring aboard new patients.

But, if you can offer your prospects value right from the start, there’s a good chance they’ll begin trusting you and your clinic. The best marketing efforts is that which keeps you in front of your prospects, whether it’s through helpful articles they receive from you every week or ads you’re putting out every day. But, this can become quite costly. 

Another more cost-effective way of staying in front of potential new patients is through promotional products. Everyone loves free giveaways and when you can brand these giveaways with your practices logo and information, it’s a win-win. So, here you’ll learn five best promotional items for your cosmetic surgery office.

Cosmetic Surgery Promotional Items

Some ideas include:

1. Branded Totes

Offer your patients useful promotional branded totes they can carry around to hold things like:

  • Medicine bottles
  • Prescriptions
  • Supplies

Branded tote bag, such as reusable grocery bags or reusable lunch bags, are the perfect promotional product for cosmetic surgery offices due to their versatility. You could even add reusable cotton canvas bags to the mix. 

2. Branded Pill Box, Pill Cutter and Electronic Timer

Make a strong impression with a premium giveaway like a branded pillbox, cutter and electronic timer. This is a multi-functional digital medication box with several functions, such as:

  • Alarm reminder
  • Timer
  • 24-hour clock
  • Buttons for simple operation

Include a compact, travel-friendly pill cutter for your patients’ convenience. These can hold as many as a dozen pills and it has a metal blade that will efficiently cut the pills when needed. Customize this premium giveaway with your logo and message and it makes the perfect word-of-mouth advertising.

3. Branded Bandage Dispenser

A branded bandage dispenser is an ideal promotional product for cosmetic surgery offices. It can allow for both imprinted bandages and dispenser, unlike other bandage dispensers. 

4. Mini Skincare Product Samples You Sell and Recommend

Offering free samples allows you to get your products out there in the hands of your potential patients so they can try them out. If you’re offering quality skincare products, this is value. Often, products your patients can get over-the-counter contain an extremely low level of active ingredients and they’re often made of less than ideal quality. So, you can solve their skin challenges by providing quality samples and position yourself as being the go-to for their cosmetic, skincare needs (including surgery). 

Take it one step further and add a few samples inside a promotional bag with your logo on it and you have simple advertising. 

5.  Branded Carrying Bag

Provide your patients and potential patients a helpful carrying bag they can carry around their skincare supplies in for their convenience. Often, individuals will try and cram their supplies in their purse, fanny packs or an old carrying bag — sometimes even a plastic bag which is bad for the environment. By providing them with a branded carrying bag, you’ll be keeping your cosmetic surgery office in the front and center of their mind each time they reach for their skincare items.

Branding Your Message

In addition to offering cosmetic surgery promotional items, you also want to ensure your branding message makes sense. If you want potential patients to recognize and remember your practice, you need to have a well-established brand. This is crucial. Your message may reach individuals who currently aren’t thinking about cosmetic surgery as an option, however, down the road, this could change. When you have a well-established, defined brand, you’ll likely be the go-to option for them when they do decide to look into cosmetic surgery. 

Cosmetic surgery promotional items are a perfect way to define and establish your brand. You need to appeal to your potential patients’ emotions with your message. You have a quality service to offer them that they need and want and you need to reflect this in your branding. Don’t be presumptuous or misleading with your message, but rather realistic and honest. People value honesty and don’t appreciate being misled.

Don’t use overtly medical terminology in your message, but instead, conversational language prospects can understand. When you combine a good branding message with quality promotional products, you can really hit home with your potential patients and entice more people to come to use your cosmetic surgery services.

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