10 Best Promotional Products for Political Campaigns

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With any political campaign season, staffers and organizers are constantly seeking new ideas and tactics to get slightly ahead of competitors in the race. Promotional products are always a big win with crowds — especially those that can gain traction and get recognition as people go about their daily lives. These are some of the best promotional products to consider for political campaigns taking place now.

1. T-shirts

T-shirts are always a huge hit with political campaigns for many reasons. First of all, people love receiving them. That’s only part of it, though. The real benefit of promotional products like t-shirts is that they allow the message to continue long after specific events and rallies end. People wearing these shorts keep spreading the message as they wear them over and over again until voting day.

2. Yard Signs

Oddly enough, these are one of the most requested items from political campaigns. As more people want to show their support for preferred candidates and reach out to other voters who may be on the fence. Yard signs allow people to show their support for their favorite candidates and also allow neighbors to know who to turn to if they happen to be fence-sitters looking for respectful answers and meaningful conversations about the pros and cons of certain candidates.

3. Reusable Bags

Reusable grocery bags with logo are almost ideal promotional items for political campaigns. They are easily customizable to display the messages of the candidate’s choice and they are incredibly versatile. Think of all the things people use reusable canvas bags for in the average day:

  • Carrying books and other materials
  • Supermarket trips
  • Running errands
  • Trips to the gym

These customizable reusable bags are not only useful, and highly visible as constituents go about their days, but they also share important messages about a candidates commitment to the planet. You can even offer customized reusable sling backpacks with campaign messages to allow hands-free carrying of your message day in and out until the election and to show support for candidates once election day passes.

The more of these bags you pass out at events, the more opportunities abound for people to promote your candidate actively and passively as they go about their daily duties.

4. Bumper Stickers

Perhaps even more highly visible are bumper stickers. Think of all the places your car goes in a day. Bumper stickers are a passive way for supporters to spread the word about a candidate and get recognition for the campaign.

Think of clever slogans or sayings that exemplify the candidate in question and print those on a bumper sticker to hand out freely at campaign stops. These are terrific promotional items but best when used in concert with other items, for instance, you can pass out reusable grocery bags that have bumper stickers and other campaign promotional items inside of them.

5. Reusable Face Masks (for 2020)

The hope is that these will only be useful campaign tools for the 2020 elections. However, with social distancing and slowing the spread weighing heavily on the minds of voters, reusable face masks printed with campaign logos and messaging are outstanding tools to not only maintain safety at campaign events where social distancing is problematic, but also afterward as people wear them around town as they run errands, go to work, and even shop for groceries.

Since we have no idea how long COVID-19 will remain a problem for the United States, the world at large or what the future holds in store for other pandemics, it’s a good idea to keep these in mind for future campaigns as well.

6. Printable Hand Fans

Things get heated on the campaign trails and hand fans can help audiences keep their collective cool. Print them with campaign slogans and hand them out freely – especially at outdoor events.

You can place these in reusable drawstring bags along with bumper stickers, campaign buttons, and other items to give as gifts for donors and attendees alike. With some events being held outdoors or in crowded, overheated spaces, these campaign fans may be some of the most sought-after items at your next event.

7. Hats & Caps

Wearables are always a good bet because they are useful long after the event is over. With many campaign events held well ahead of election day hats and caps offer abundant opportunities for attendees to show off their new gear at future events or simply to wear them around town.

Hats have proven amazingly useful in past political campaigns and have even gained some degree of notoriety in political circles. The point to remember is that hats are easily identifiable, easy to wear, and seen by many.

8. Drink Holders

Another great way to show support for campaigns is with drink holders. These are especially useful at outdoor rallies where people are looking for ways to cool off and keep their drinks cool. Afterward, they can use them for beach outings, boat excursions, and backyard barbecues to let everyone know who their candidate of choice happens to be.

9. Reusable Water Bottles

Another nod to protecting the planet, reusable water bottles are dead useful promotional items that people often take with them wherever they go. If water isn’t something you get all that excited about, they also have reusable cups for hot and/or cold drinks that are equally big hits. Make sure you choose items that are easily portable so they get added exposure as supporters carry their bottles or cups with them as they go about their busy days.

10. Umbrellas

Come rain or come shine there’s another election year coming. Umbrellas offer supporters the advantage to show their love for favorite candidates no matter what the weather is doing by providing shade from relentless sunshine and protection from the rain.

These 10 promotional items get top marks from campaigns and constituents alike. Make sure you have a wide cross-section of promotional items to hand out at events to keep people coming back from more and encourage them to spread the word about their favorite candidates.

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