10 Best Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

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It’s our responsibility as humans to steward the environment and keep the planet safe, not only for the sake of other people, but for the plants and animals who reside here as well. Most experts (and non-experts) now agree that we haven’t done such a bang-up job of that. Time to improve.

In an effort to do better moving forward, we would do well to look to our marketing efforts. Too many companies rely heavily on chintzy products that quickly get funneled to landfills, adding to the problem instead of reducing it. We advocate a different approach, one in which your marketing collateral actually helps the Earth.

Instead of paper bags that harm the planet almost as much as plastic, if not more, it’s time to turn to bags that can be used more than once. Let’s consider office supplies, clothing, awards and accessories that aren’t made from renewable resources and don’t poison air and water. Let’s make a real dent in the green movement’s goals … all while impressing clients and customers and generating those crucial brand impressions.

We’re not going to lie here; this post is going to be heavy on the reusable bags. Why? Because custom promotional reusable shopping bags are statistically shown to generate more impressions per dollar than many other items. They get, for instance, 1,000 impressions per dollar, whereas shirts and writing utensils get only 500, billboards get 500, and even primetime cable earns only 200.

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That means you get more brand impressions for fewer items overall. That in turn means you can buy fewer products and do better by the environment. So why insist on purchasing mountains of collateral when you can instead just buy bags and leverage their extreme efficacy?

That said, of course, not every occasion calls for a bag. Whether you’re sending thank you gifts to clients, filling out a convention center table or dressing up a gift shop, you may prefer other items. With that in mind, here are our 10 favorite eco-friendly products, from the baggier side of life and beyond.

1. rPET Bags

The holy grail of eco-friendly products is one that can not only be reused day after day, but is actually itself recycled. Our rPET Bag with Recycled Poly Terephtalate is available in 4-color silkscreen, and it’s made from 80 percent recycled water bottles. It comes in gloss or matte lamination, with 20-inch laminated handles for maximum comfort. Use this bad boy at the register, at trade shows and conventions, or just to say thanks to the people who matter. See all recycled plastic shopping bags & totes.

2. Cotton Toiletry Bags

Cotton is both a renewable resource and biodegradable, making it a great choice for promotional products of all kinds. Because everyone needs storage bags when traveling, we like cotton toiletry kits as promo products. They can be put to alternative uses, such as art supplies for a kiddo or snack packs for the health-conscious so they don’t have to rely on Quickie Marts while on the go.

3. Coolers

Coolers are standard fare for picnics, fishing trips, hiking and more. With a good cooler at your side, you can keep food and beverages chilly all through a long, hot day, without counting on ice or A/C. (See? Already winning the eco-game.) Because most people enjoy a cooler and keep them on hand in cabinets and trunks, they’re a great promotional item. Not only can you pretty much guarantee they won’t get tossed before their usefulness runs out, but they also make for a great canvas for logos, store names, mission statements and more. See wholesale cooler tote bags.

4. Clothing

While shirts may get fewer impressions per dollar than bags, 200 is still nothing to sneer at. Plus, clothing tends to last longer than other items, especially if you order pieces that are made to fit actual human bodies (goodbye, shapeless tees for ladies!). When made from 100-percent cotton, clothing is also biodegradable.

5. Storable Pouch Bags

These have become a mainstay in grocery stores and artisanal shops, mainly because they’re so darn useful. Our Ripstop Nylon Fabric w/Drawstring Closure bags are strong, lightweight and cheerful, able to fold up into a very small package for storage in glove compartments, center consoles, backpacks and drawers at home. The result? A bag that will last years, and will always come in handy when out and about in the world. Because it takes up so little space, this type of bag is even less likely to get tossed than others.

6. Reclaimed Cork Pet Mats

Humanity has loved its furry friends for a very long time. Whether you’re a dog or a cat person, very few people are neither … so what better way to draw in the pet crowd than with reusable cork mats, perfect for eating, sleeping or litter-boxing? Made from renewable cork, you can use these to catch spilled liquids or just give your feline companion a cozy place to curl up.

7. Kitchen Items

Can you use it in the kitchen? Instant hit. From bamboo cutting boards (renewable resource) to custom bag clips (will be used until the end of time), kitchen items are a great way to stock your customers up with branded items, safe in the assurance that you’re not contributing junk to the world.

8. Wine and Beer Bags

We’re not going to go over the line and say that everyone likes wine and beer, cider and liquor, or even fizzy sodas and kombucha. However, in our unofficial sampling of friends, family and peeps around the office, we’ve come to the somewhat scientific conclusion that almost everyone loves a cold, bottled drink of some sort. Enter custom wine bags, which make perfect gifts, value-added perks and for-sale items.

9. Edible Promos

The ultimate eco-friendly item? One you can eat. This gift leaves no trace behind, so is very kind to the earth. Aside from minor packaging, nothing goes into landfill. If you want to stack promo on promo, you can always fill a bag with edible items for a loved-by-all gift basket or package for purchase in your store. The latter provides a great option for customers to buy gifts for others, and your bag heads out into the world to start doing the hard work of generating impressions.

10. Small Totes

Not everyone wants a giant-sized grocery bag, especially at a trade show or small boutique where items tend to be less bulky. Sometimes the better option is a smaller tote such as this Matte Laminated Junior Tote Reusable Bag, which is perfect custom printed gift bag for holding papers and pamphlets at conventions, jewelry or clothing at boutiques, or jars of olives and truffles at upscale grocers.

See? You don’t have to look that far in order to find eco-friendly options to suit your business needs and start generating those big-time impressions. While we at ReuseThisBag are obviously a bit biased about the best types of eco promotional products to kickstart your campaigns, any one of these items is good for the Earth … as well as good for you and your customers. If you’d like to learn more or get a free quote, we invite you to get in touch with our friendly team, and we’ll put you on the road to success today.

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